Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mail Day - Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Unders, Coco Pique Forme, and Turn Around Tights

lululemon space dye jacquard wunder-under-pants
Compared to Black Herringbone WUPs.

lululemon space dye jacquard wunder under pants
Compared to Coco Pique WUPs.

lululemon pique wunder under pants
Showing the difference in length to Black Herringbone WUPs.

lululemon fabric tag
Fabric content of the diamond jacquard wups.

A reader commented she found the new Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Under Pants shorter and smaller than her other Wunder Under Pants. I laid the new WUPs on top of Black Herringbone and Coco Pique to compare. These are all the same size. I think the Diamond Jacquard SD are a little smaller but not worth sizing up. 

My yummy warm textured pants collection- if only the weather would get cooler. Left to right: Mini Check Pique Skinny Wills (last year), Black Herringbone WUPs (this year), Coco Pique WUPS (last year), and Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Under Pants (this year).

The new Diamond Jacquard Space Dye are wonderfully thick and totally opaque. If you like warm textured Wunder Unders you should get these.

I was debating returning the Coco Pique Forme since I already have the Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS and the Mini Check Pique Forme but I really like it. The Coco Pique has a bolder pattern that I like even better than the mini check and it looks sharp with black bottoms.

I also ordered the Heathered Black Turn Around tights but I'm pretty sure I'm going to return them for a pair of Base Runner pants. The Turn Arounds are nice but a bit lighter weight than I thought. They are also on the thinner side, so kind of too warm to run in in my climate but not warm enough to use to sit on the sidelines of soccer games on cold days.

I ended up returning the Free to Be Wild bras I ordered last week and getting the Heathered Fuel Green Swiftly LS instead.


Heather | Partial to Pink said...

I bought the Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Forme. It's beautiful, but I don't really need it. I'd buy the pants, but my pique & herringbone are too similar.

Anonymous said...

Could totally "justify" it living where there is true fall and winter, but I don't need these WU's. I have the herringbone and so many other pants, and only so much time to wear this stuff. I think the herringbone just looks prettier too.

LuluAddict said...

I think if you can only choose one then herringbone is the winner. Herringbone is classic and timeless.

Anonymous said...

I agree with others here that I ultimately decided against these since I have others that are similar. That said, the fabric on this pair is clearly superior IMO hehe.

I am attempting to go on lulu detox since I've realized my enthusiasm really *has* become like an addiction, and as part of that detox, I returned my coco pique forme (as well as some other true goodies!! like rebel runner vest in ghost ahhhh). But... I want to go back and get it! :(

Unknown said...

This is pretty much lulu textured porn!! lol..great collection you have LLA. This last one is gorgeous. Not sure how I missed those.

Anonymous said...

I tried them on yesterday and felt like they were lower/shorter in the waist than most WUPs.

LuluAddict said...

@ching - the diamond jacquard space dye WUPS just hit the stores this week so you should be able to find them. They are also still on the website.

Anonymous said...

LLA, do you think there will be more pants in this amazing diamond jacquardspace dye? I refer skinny wills or skinny grooves. Or at least I would like wup with roll down waist. But for now i'm holding on to my jacquard diamond wup. What do you think? Should I wait or start wearing them?

Anonymous said...

I received my diamond jacquard space dyed and they are definitely shorter both in the rise and length. They are thick like a nice tapestry and feel very soft. Definite compression due to the thick nature of the fabric. I honestly don't think I could work out in a fabric this thick. For sure nice for a comfy look on a cold snowy day with a cute pair of Hunters or riding boots. I am a tts 6 and the rise is really really short on these compared to my other collection of wonder unders.

Anonymous said...

My diamond jacquards are the same rise but about an inch shorter in length which doesn't bother me since I find WUPs way too long anyway. I love this fabric - soft, snuggly and compressive - more so than my herringbone, coco pique, and mini check pique. This has to be my new fave! I hope we see a few more pieces/colors in diamond jacquard - I'd totally scoop up more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LLA, it really is helpful to see all of these items/fabrics compared and for sure readers/addicts really do appreciate this and your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Drooling over your textured pants collection! Does anyone out there have those mini check pique or herringbone skinny wills in a 4 or 6 you are parting with ? (I don't blame you if you don't ever want to let them go)

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the diamond jacquard forme? Is it tts? Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

wow your collection is amazing LLA.
The pants look extra cozy.