Monday, October 27, 2014

Inkwell Stripe Base Runner Pants and More

lululemon first base tank inkwell base runner pant

lululemon first base tank

lululemon inkwell stripe base runner pant

lululemon base runner tank

lululemon base runner pant inkwell

lululemon base runner pant swiftly

Photos of the new Base Runner Pant in the Inkwell stripe. Also shown is a Going Grape First Base Tank and Toothpaste SS Swiflty top.

lululemon herringbone base runner pant

lululemon base runner pant herringbone

lululemon herringbone pant

lululemon base runner pant herringbone

lululemon base runner pant herringbone

lululemon pigment blue swiftly ls
Herringbone Base Runner Pants.

lululemon base runner pigment swiftly ls
Black Base Runner Pants. Also shown is a new Swiftly LS in Space Dye Pigment Blue (I think).

lululemon everyday pant marshamllow cool racerback
 New Marshmallow stripe Cool Racerback and Everyday Pant.

lululemon purple fog studio jacket
Purple Fog Studio Jacket and Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Black Coal Wunder Under Pant.

lululemon vinyasa
New Pigment Blue/Heathered Black Vinyasa spotted in a Canadian store. (Thanks to Ms. K.)


Anonymous said...

If the pockets on the herringbone base runner pant stick out on you, try sizing down one size. It worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Loving the look of the Pigment Blue/Heathered Black Vinyasa. Will have to check it out.

Considering a pair of base runner pants but so far good at controlling myself.

Unknown said...

I know it's lame, but I'm hella excited about the marshmallow strips CRB!

Anonymous said...

Are the runner pants a size down item? I'm between sizes (2 and 4) and I'd like to know if I should order a size 2 or 4 if they show up tomorrow in the update. I take a size 2 in the dance studio pant and a size 4 in the wunder under, astro pant and groove pant. I don't want to use the runner pants for running so I don't need them to be compressive. I want to use them for walking or lounging but I don't want them to be slouchy or baggy.

Anonymous said...

@8:34pm Good question! I want to know too, the ladies in these photos seem to wear them pretty tight fitting. I"m a solid size 4 in wunder unders.

The vinyasa is pretty plain, I'll wait for the early spring releases instead for brighter cheerier colors.

Am waiting for the flaming tomato crb to hit the states : )

Anonymous said...

I tried my usual pant / tights size and they were tight and clingy, not in a great way, across my butt, also not tight in a compressive type way like WUs etc are. I tried a size up but looked kinda sloppy. the pockets gaped weirdly on both sides. I don't think I would have fit in a size down, a 4, without it looking disgusting. I'm 64in tall, and the length was awkward looking do to the weird lower leg. I loved the feel of them. the herringbone was very nice. but they are not worth the $ since I doubt I'd wear them.

Anonymous said...

The base runners don't look like the type of pants that would look good on petite people, unless you like the baggy look. They look super comfortable. I really like the toothpaste swiftly.


Anonymous said...

I'm also waiting for brighter vinyasas. Scarves are my favorite way to add a pop of color to an outfit. Plus, I'm a bright color type of gal - goes better with my skin tone!

Unknown said...

I was really excited to try the Base Runners, but I don't think we're going to work out. I know it's a slouchy style, but they look too sloppy on me. I would say they are definitely a size-down pant, and if you need a 2, I would pass. I did end up getting the inkwell, but I think I'm going to end up buzzing them back to the store. The herringbone wes way too big, but the inkwell fit slightly better, oddly enough. Still, the pockets stick out, and as much as I love my overpriced Lulu, I don't think I can stomach $108 for what will end up being another pair of lounge pants. I'm sad because I really wanted the herringbone, but I think I'll keep my black turn-around tights instead...

Anonymous said...

I regretted missing out on the
Base runner pants last year, but I just could not justify spending over $100 on loungey pants. Now seeing this year's version I feel like I dodged a bullet.
Last year I ended up buying the after asana pant, which fit me perfectly and are comfortable. However, I only ever wear them to lounge around the house, and I live in a town where people go to the grocery store in gumboots and pajama pants.
So, even when things are great, for my money they need to be a lot more useful.

Unknown said...

Yes, Anon 230, I think you indeed dodged a bullet if you decided against the Base Runners! Sorry to pipe in again, but after trying them on again at home, I'm mad at myself for walking out of the store with them. I'm sure some will love them, but I think they seem really cheap and poorly made. I'm wearing my beloved Om and Roams now, and the quality difference is quite notable. Maybe I'm just disappointed because they don't fit me right, but yuck. And sigh.

LuluAddict said...

@ shannon - I felt the same way - sloppy and seemed more cheaply made than last year's version. I think they are comfy pants but for $108+ they need to be better. I have plenty of lounging around the house pants. I'll keep an eye out for these on markdown.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. and intel on the Base Runners, especially the herringbone. I do want a pair of more slouchy type (versus my herringbone WUs), but I an pretty resistive to the $108 price tag. $92 for the WUs was hard enough, and Dance Studio pants as well. I'll wait for the base runners to go to markdown on these and be OK if I "miss out." I'll try them on in store as well if I can, to see if I even want to pursue them if they make it to md.