Monday, October 20, 2014

Going Grape Free to Be Wild Bra Has Hit the US, Going Grape and Fuel Green LS Swiftlys, and More

lululemon going grape swiftly herringbone turn-around-tigh

lululemon going grape ls swiftly herringbone-turn-around-tight
New Heathered Space Dye Going Grape LW Swiftly. I think I need this one. Shown with white Herringbone  Turn Around Tights.

lululemon fuel green swiftly ls turn-around-tight

lululemon fuel green swiftly ls

lululemon fuel green swiftly ls

lululemon fuel green swiftly ls herringbone-turn-around-tight

lululemon swiftly fuel green turn-around-tight

lululemon fuel green toothpaste grape swiftly
Space Dye Heathered Fuel Green LS Swiftly are also out. I'll might order this one, too. I returned the Fuel Green Swiftly tank I ordered because the color didn't look very green but I hope the additional material on the long sleeves contributes to the top looking green in person.

lululemon free to wild bra grape fuel-green-coco-pique-wunder-under-pant
Shown with Fuel Green Coco Pique Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon free-to-be-wild-bra-going-grape coco-pique-wunder-under-pant

lululemon going grape free to be wild bra

lululemon free to be wild bra going grape

lululemon going grape bumble berry free-to-be-wild-bra wunder under pant
Shown with Bumble Berry Wunder Unders.
The Going Grape/Bumble Berry and Black Free to Be Wild bras have hit US lululemon stores.


Anonymous said...

How close is the Going Grape swiftly color to the bruised Berry swiftly color? It looks very similar!

LuluAddict said...

I hope it's more purple. I have a Bruised Berry Swiftly that looks more blue than purple.

Anonymous said...

I really like (and want!) the Going Grape Swiftly LS too, LLA.
Anon at 7:38 PM - I agree, I think it looks very similar to my Space Dye Bruised Berry Swiftly Scoop SS from what I can tell by the pictures, but like LLA I'm hoping it will be more purple.
Not sure how I feel about the Fuel Green Swiftly, I really want to like the long sleeve version but don't think I love it enough to justify adding yet another to my (getting out of control) collection of Swiftly tops!

teamlulu said...

Those coco pique wups seem very low rise... is this the old release or are the pants pictured going to be the ones released in 2014?

Jess said...

I will probably order the Going Grape LS Swiftly but is anyone else not necessarily a fan of the space dye? I'd much rather have solid colors. And every time a solid color comes out its not in a long sleeve which is really what I'm looking for this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Girl is in great shape but looks squeezed into those coco pique WUs

Anonymous said...

Jess @ 2:38 AM - I'd also much rather have the solid colours, which to me always look a little heathered in the Swiftly tops anyway, but I have given in to about four or five of the new Space Dye colours since spring/summer, and they are quite beautiful in the Space Dye. I think the Space Dye is a nice way to change it up a bit but I still prefer the solid colours. I also bought a few of the new Tonka Stripe Swiftlys this fall (because I really liked the colours they came in) even though I'm not a big fan of stripes, but they do look nice on, and again it's nice to change it up a bit sometimes. I just wish they'd have more of the solid colours again too, and I'd love some more tone on tone floral or lace type prints on the Swfitly tops, those and the solid colours are definitely my favourites. I'd rather have the Space Dye than the Tonka Stripes though, but again it is nice to have some variety. I just absolutely love the Swiftly tops so much they're hard for me to resist!

Anonymous said...

@teamlulu - they're roll downs, so are actually higher waist, just rolled down. :)