Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fuel Green Scuba Hoodie and More

lululemon fuel green scuba hoodie
Heathered Fuel Green Scubas - just gorgeous. A reader commented in that Scubas are going to become an on-line only item now.

lululemon crop it like its hot tee laser-cut-wunder-under-pant
Crop It Like It's Hot Tank and Laser Cut Wunder Under Pant

lululemon weekend ls bumble berry pique wunder-under-pant

lululemon weekend ls pique wunder-under-pant

lululemon weekend ls
Weekend LS and Rust Berry Pique Wunder Under Pant

lululemon rust berry pique wunder under pant

lululemon plush petal scuba pique wunder-under-pant

lululemon bumble berry rust berry pique wunder-under-pant
The Bumble Berry/Rust Berry Pique Wunder Under Pant. Also shown is a Plush Petal Scuba hoodie.


Anonymous said...

Fuel green scuba looks too much like a forest green for my liking. Wish it had a bit more blue in it.

OT, finally received my coco pique RYPLS and it's going to have to go back. It already had a little bit of a snag in it, and while it is soft and cozy, I just don't feel like replacing it with a new one and having to worry about it all the time or babying it every time I need to wash it etc. I like the ziggy wee one better anyway, and the material isn't so fussy.

Anonymous said...

hi ladies…can anyone comment on the sheerness/opacity of the sashiko star embossed pace tights or the black conductor stripe WUP? There are bunch of sheerness reviews on the BB pique…lulu just can't seem to get it together.
can't understand why they just can't get the original fabric from the supplier and go back to basics. My daughter who is in 6th grade had a friend over the other day who had on a pair of the black pact tights (yes…6th grade) I had to wash them for her because she split something on them and the seams were all frayed and fuzzy and bad pilling and wearing on the thigh. I did inspect them closely because I was contemplating a pair but the fabric felt so thin and cheap on all wee stripe and heatehred coal. Granted 6th grade girls are probably harder on their clothes that us and wear them all day but still…for close to 100$ you'd except them boat least last a season or two. Remember the 5year guarantee..whatever happened to that?

Anonymous said...

Agreed! That fuel green scuba is gorgeous!!! Might have to be my first!

Anonymous said...

the quality of a lot of different brands has gone down quite a bit. I see a lot of sheer stuff in my gym and it is not just lulu but other High end brands.
I think it's the people who are manufacturing the fabrics. Supplex does not feel the same as it used to a few years ago. I have one pair of WUC in black that I got 4 years ago and can't find a replacement.


Jackie said...

scubas becoming an online only item? bummer!

LuluAddict said...

@Jackie - A bunch of stores got the Rocky Road and Manifesto Scubas in so it looks like that rumor was incorrect.