Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fuel Green Coco Pique Wunder Under Pants in the US, Grape First Base Tank, Rocky Road Forme, and More

fuel green coco pique wunder under pant

fuel green coco pique wunder udner pant
Fuel Green Coco Pique Wunder Under pants are in US lululemon stores. Also shown is the Going Grape First Base Tank and Rocky Road Sand Dune Forme Jacket. I haven't decided whether I want Fuel Green Pique WUPs or not. Green bottoms make me think of girl scout uniforms and elf pants.

lululemon rocky road sand dune forme jacket

lululemon rocky road forme jacket

lululemon rocky road forme jacket

Rocky Road Sand Dune Forme Jacket. Shown with Black Coco Pique Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon deep coal forme

rocky road deep coal forme

Heathered Deep Coal Forme Jacket

lululemon run times speed tight

lululemon toothpaste run times tank speed-tight
Toothpaste Run Times Tank and Speed Tight

lululemon black speed tight ii

lululemon speed tight ii

lululemon speed tight ii black
Black Speed Tight IIs

lululemon long and short of it jacket
Long and Short of It Jacket

lululemon black grape bhakti jacket
Black Grape Bhakti Jacket

lululemon bumble berry speed shorts

lululemon biggy dot speed short
Bumble Berry and Biggy Dot Speed Shorts.

lululemon scuba rocky road fuel green
The latest Scuba hoodie colors - black, Rocky Road, Fuel Green, Toothpaste, and Manifesto.


Anonymous said...

Do you think the manifesto scuba looks juvenile ?

Anonymous said...

I really love the fall colors we've seen lately. This dreamy moss green looks so nice with the rich purple and berry red. Nicely done lulu design team.

carrie said...

it's interesting that the green coco pique pattern has vertical stripe placement while the grey/black coco pique has horizontal placement on the WUPs. i like the horizontal better. the vertical green is kind of.... hmmm.... more froglike?

Anonymous said...

I kick myself for not having ordered the teal scuba. I want one so bad and would even pay above retail but there are currently no size 6 even on ebay((( I am hearbroken(((

Anonymous said...

I no longer see the heathered marl black grape scuba on the Canadian website. Has anyone seen this colour yet in the Canadian stores?

Anonymous said...

Good eye with the horizontal vs stripe on the green pique WUP! It is interesting that on the LLL site, the green roll-down WUP looks horizontal not vertical.

Anonymous said...

Do you find the pique and herringbone wunder under prints tts or size down?

carrie said...

wow, you're right - the green coco pique is horizontal stripes online and (apparently from these pics) vertical in the store. weird.

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:35pm, are you in US, I saw our website has this color in all sizes still, why not get me or someone else in Canada angel it for you, instead of feeding those blood suckers on eBay? I won't mind help you if you like. Contact me at tinawhite300 at gmail.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice one coco pique photo the pattern is vertical and in the other photo it's horizontal? Weird!

I hope they make the speed tight II in all black, all full on luxtreme without the mesh back...they are for cold-running. Who wants a mesh panel when it's cold out? :)

Anonymous said...

A question for you, LLA and all the ladies who are reading about the coco pique and herringbone WUPs. I had herringbone already and just purchased the coco pique. I'm now having second thoughts as they do seem really similar. I'm tempted to keep both (I obviously have a problem!). Just wonder if any of you have both and if you do, any particular reasons?

To anon@9:53pm, I find pique and herringbone WUP TTS.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:31 pm - I do have both coco pique and herringbone WUPS. I also have mini check pique skinny wills. They are all warm and super cozy and my go to "winter" pants. I think the herringbone and coco pique are different enough to justify keeping both. They are also among the most sought bottom so if you decide you don't need both, selling them for a nice price will not be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:31 - I have WUP in herringbone, coco pique and mini check pique and they are all in constant rotation in the fall/winter for me. I find they are all different enough to justify keeping.

Anonymous said...

I'm @anon8:31 am and just want to say thank you for your perspective, LLA. I'm keeping them both!

I love your blog and value your insights on all things Lulu!

Unknown said...

Keep them for sure!! I have the herringbone, coco, and checked pique wills and I wear them all. (Well, not at the same time...) I bet you'll find them to be different enough the more you wear them so no need to justify yourself!

Anonymous said...

Question: do the fuel green coco pique WUP show sweat? I really love the pants, but I did not purchase them today because I worried about that.

Anonymous said...

do the fuel green wup show sweat stains? almost purchased these today, but i was concerned about that.