Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Everyday Pant, Black Grape Studio Pants, and More

lululemon black grape roll down wunder under-pant

lululemon black grape roll-down-wunder-under-pant fuel-green-swiftly ls
Fuel Green Swiftly LS and Full On Luon Black Grape Roll Down Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon varsity plaid wunder under pant out-of-this-world-ls
Love the whole look in this photo - Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant, Out of this World LS, and the Vite Vite Run Toque.

lululemon long and short of it jacket varsity-plaid-wunder-under pant
I am not a big fan of the Long and Short of It Jacket but it looks cute with the Varsity Plaid WUPs.

lululemon varsity plaid wunder under pant

lululemon toothpaste swiftly ss
Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant with the Heathered Fuel Green, Heathered Going Grape, and Toothpaste Swiftly SS.

lululemon black grape studio pant
The Black Grape Studio Pant and Rocky Road Scuba jacket. I am not a big fan of purple pants for myself but these look more blue than purple in the photo. I need to check these out in the store.

lululemon everyday pant

lululemon everyday pant
Photos of the new Everyday Pant. I really like them in the second photo. I'm not sure I'd pony up $128 plus tax for these but I can definitely see a use for a lululemon jean-substitute in my wardrobe/lifestyle - definitely a useful travel piece or sideline-mom wear.

lululemon purple fog swiftly turn around tight

lululemon rebel runner vest
I really liked the colors in this outfit - Purple Fog LS Swiftly (I think), Bordeaux Rebel Runner Vest, Bordeaux Run With Me Ear Warmer, and Herringbone Turn Around Tights.

lulelmon race your pace ls osaka stripe

lululemon toothpaste swiftly ss
Oasaka Stripe Heathered Black Grape Race Your Pace LS, Toothpaste Swiftly SS, and Rugged Blue Turn Around Tights.

lululemon out of this world dress
lululemon out of the world dress

lululemon everything she wants vest sherpa

lululemon everything she wants vest s

lululemon everything she wants vest varsity-plaid-wunder-under-pant
Everything She Wants Vest with Coco Pique Wunder Under Pant and Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant.

lululemon going grape herringbone-turn-around tight

lululemon going-grape first base tank
Going Grape First Base Tank with Herringbone Turn Around Tight and Tech Mesh Tights.

lululemon jumbo inky floral wunder under crop
Jumbo Inky Floral Wunder Under Crops.


Anonymous said...

LLA - do you think the Varsity plaid will come out in a WU Crop? I think that might be more flattering for me than the full length plaid.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that in the product description of the new batch of swiftly 1/2 zips that is says cuffins? I online chated with a GE and he said that yes, they are cuffin's that fold over into mittens. But...there is no photo and it doesn't look like there is any extra material to flip over. I love my 1/2 zip from a couple of years ago..cuffins would make it the bomb. Also liking the added reflection on the sleeves. I do not trust the product description though because it is often wrong. Has anyone seen this in person?

Anonymous said...

The first base tank looks really nice, so does the dress and the pants, although I agree that $128. is a bit steep.


Anonymous said...

love my black swan DSP (lined) from a couple of years ago - it really ends up being a neutral color, and so much nicer than black or gray, imho. so i am almost tempted to get some of these black grape ones too! but wish they came in unlined.

Anonymous said...

Hey LLA - was just at my store and tried the Turn Around Tight on - have you ran in these or any Rulu pants? While I found them soft and lovely, they weren't compressive enough for me to wear running. Thoughts? Or anyone else please give me your thoughts :)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:55 am - I haven't seen them in person yet but a friend told me she though her Rugged Blue TATs were on the thin side. Of course, she told me that after I ordered the black ones last night, lol. I wouldn't expect rulu to be too compressive, though, just warm for cooler weather running. If you want warm and compressive get the brushed Speed Tight. They brushed makes it feel a bit warmer and luxtreme usually cuts the wind nicely.

Unknown said...

I love the look of the Everyday Pant, but I need a tall version!

Anonymous said...

I went to the store, and bought the ftb wild bra. I sized up on this, and the bra cups are terrible, they were lumpy! I'll exchange it with my other bra cups at home though.

Anonymous said...

Hmm LLL is partnering with the Dalai Lama Center. Well I follow Buddhist principles and I love the Dalai Lama; normally I would think this is great and makes sense (for a yoga rooted company).

However, LLL as a business is so hypocritical! They do not practice what they preach (solve problems peacefully? How much grief have they put customers through again and again?! e.g. wouldn't accept a "late" return/exchange from a woman with cancer), and don't get me started on the The Noble Eightfold Path, they are so far from that.

I suppose only time tell if LLL is actually turning things around. I am dubious.

Anonymous said...

Anon @10:06 AM - the Black Grape Studio Pants come in the Unlined version as well! I just ordered a pair!

LuluAddict - I saw the Black Grape Studio Pants in my local store on the weekend (didn't have any left in my size though) and in the store lighting they didn't look too purple. They seem to be more of a dark navy purple colour to me in the store lighting, not sure how purple they might look in the natural daylight though but my guess is not too purple. They were folded in beside an Inkwell pair, and there is a difference in both colours for sure, but I'd say the Black Grape is more navy than purple. Inkwell I would describe as navy dark blue, and Black Grape as navy deep dark purple. That's not the best colour description and probably not much help! Also, I'm thinking the hang tag colour code was for Black Swan, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

Anonymous said...

OT- I have a brand new bust a move jacket in black size 6 from last years run. I pulled the tag off and couldn't return. I now have a 4 and it's perfect. If anyone is looking for a brand new bust a move Im selling for a flat $178 (tag price) no shipping fee! Just need to reimburse for my new jacket! Email alexia.paz@me.com

Anonymous said...

I think it's telling that the varsity plaid wonder unders looked so good in the first few photos - partly because of the angle the photos were taken. Having said that, I still want to try them on.

@5:25pm yeah I agree, it's kind of a strange fit for a company that practices the scarcity model and cause their customers to go into a frenzy every tuesday night, no Peace there. no Zen from bad quality issues. too. And ironically, I feel if we are Truly Enlightened, we will stop chasing LLM products because it's kind of shallow. LOL
I'm happy with being shallow, LLM is almost a hobby.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:54 pm - thanks! I am hoping to visit the store Friday to take a look at the new stuff in person. I hope the BG DSPs are there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your feedback with my 10:55 post! Will you please do a review of your heathered black Turn Around Tight when you get them? I'm curious if you think the same as me and if your friend kept or returned hers. Thanks! Love your blog!