Sunday, October 26, 2014

Comparison: 2014 vs. 2013 Base Runner Pants; Atomic Red Swiftly and More

lululemon base runner pant
Base Runner Pants (store photo, not me)

I got to try on the new Base Runner pants today. They were super soft and maybe a bit thicker than last year's version. I also thought they were longer and the waistband seemed more relaxed. This year's release pooled at my ankles and last year's stopped at my ankles (I'm 5'5"). This year's does not have any ribbing on them. Here are some comparison photos between the two releases.

Waistband - 2014 Base Runner - no ribbing.

lululemon base runner pant waist
Waistband - 2013 Base Runner - ribbed inner band.

Top photo - waistband on the new Black Base Runner Pants. Bottom photo is last year's pair (and yes, I have the dreaded rolling). 

lululemon base runner pant details
2014 Base Runner - plain side panel and pocket trim.

lululemon base runner ribbed panel
2013 Base Runner - ribbed side panel

lululemon base runner pant 2013 version
2013 Base Runner - ribbed pocket detail

The top photo is the side panel running down the leg on the new Base Runners. The second and third photos show the ribbed panel and pocket detail on last year's Base Runners.

lululemon 2014 base runner pant ankle detail
2104 Base Runner - ankle detail and reflective strip

lululemon base runner pant 2013 anke
2013 Base Runner - no reflective strip
The 2014 Base Runners have a horizontal reflective strip on the calf. The bottom cuff looks identical, though it looks like the leg on the 2013 tapers more than the new ones.

lululemon base runner pant inside
Inside of the 2014 Base Runner Pants - super soft.

lululemon base runner pant material
Inside of the 2013 Base Runner Pants

Comparison of the backside of the black rulu (i.e., the inside of the pant). This year's seem softer and thicker than last year's.

Even though I fully intended on exchanging my Turn Around Tights for a new pair of Base Runners I ended up leaving them at the store. The longer length made them look too sloppy on me and I felt I already have enough sloppy looking cozy sweat pants at home, especially at the pricey $108 point. I may change my mind later. They are wonderfully cozy but I think I can live without them, especially since I already have a pair.

lululemon base runner pant

lululemon herringbone base runner pant

lululemon base runner pant in herringbone

lululemon base runner pant price tag
Photos of the Herringbone Base Runner Pants. Instead of ribbed material, the side panel, waistband, and pocket detail is wee stripe rulu. I ended up trying these on two sizes down. They are super soft and I debated heading to another store to hunt them down in the right size but I already have Herringbone WUPS and can live without $118 fancy herringbone sweat pants.

(PS - If anyone has both versions of the Base Runners, can you comment in as to whether there has been a change in the length? Also, whether the waistband seems more relaxed. I might need to drag my old pair to the store for a closer comparison but if anyone knows right now I am dying of curiosity as to whether I imagined the differences. Thanks!)

lululemon atomic red swiftly ss tag

lululemon atomic red swiftly ss fabric

lululemon atomic red swiftly ss
There is a new neon reddish-pink short sleeve Swiftly in the stores. The color code is HMNJ but it looks identical to the above Swiftly which is called Space Dye Heathered Atomic Red on the Australian website. Some people think it resembles Flash.

lululemon go the distance short berry yum yum

Instead of Base Runner pants I ended up getting these Black Grape/Berry Yum Manifesto Camo Go the Distance Shorts. I kind of forgot about this new style until I was looking through the shorts cubbies in the stores for new colors. I think these might be my most favorite short style yet.  I did a big comparison of run short styles back in May but I'll make an update this week to add these in. I haven't worn them around yet so can't tell if they have any annoying flaws. I have soured a bit on Tracker IIs because of the pokey elastic waistband issue. The Run Times have a better waistband but are too narrow in the thigh for me. These are not lined and a couple of the online reviews mentioned that people like to layer these over spandex shorts or crops.  We're supposed to have warm weather this week so I'll be able to try them out. I think if you have larger thighs these are a nice choice. They have a 5" inseam and 28" leg opening, so are very roomy. I also like the way the back hangs. The Tracker IIs tend to give everyone diaper butt, whether you fill them out or not. Anyone have these? 

PS - Oh yes, I also tried on the Coco Pique/Black Race Your Pace Half Zip and found the arm seams just as scratchier as other versions of this top. I didn't really love the blocking on this either. The winner for coco pique is the Race Your Pace LS.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info as always! Appreciate this comparison of this year's BR pant to last year's. I am really drawn to the herringbone version but am TRYING to control myself as I have the WUP in herringbone. I also just returned a similar pair of pants by another brand to their store. (They were a winner too.) Good to hear they are soft and thick and I like that they changed the waistband.

If anyone is interested in Bordeaux Drama Dance Studio Pants unlined size 4, am selling them locally in Toronto. Check the board (the K.... one).

Anonymous said...

ON the DS pants - did I say GTA/Toronto? Wouldn't want to send you a wild goose chase.

Anonymous said...

I have the Go the Distance shorts (two pairs now, including in this black grape), and I like them a lot. I did a long comparison of GtDs, Run Times, and Groovy Runs over at LLL under the name velevele (under the Go the Distance shorts). However, my size 12s in the GtDs don't have a 5" inseam, despite being advertised that way - they're 4.5". Since I have a 35-36" inseam, I wish they were the 5" they were supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else had an issue with the pockets sticking out on the herringbone Base Runners? I love them so much, but I HATE that the pockets stick out. TIA.

Jen said...

I have the black Base Runner Pants from last year and I just bought the Herringbone ones. The 2014 pants are a bit longer, maybe be an inch or so. I'm short so the new ones are a little long but I couldn't resist the Herringbone. I love my black ones and the new ones are so soft and cozy!!

LuluAddict said...

@Jen - thanks! So it wasn't my imagination, lol.

@ anon 8:32 am - You aren't alone in having the pockets stick out. I've read that comment a lot about the new base runners.

Unknown said...

Are these Base Runner Pants expected on the canadian site tomorrow?
Are they luon or sweat pant material (cotton blend)??
Thank you

LuluAddict said...

@ Brandi - I think I've mainly seen the Base Runners in US store photos so far so not sure about Canada. They are made of rulu - which used to be known as running luon but they shortened it to rulu. It's a nylon spandex blend. Rulu is a super soft version of luon that often feels like flannel.

LuluAddict said...

@ Brandi - I just a photo of them from a Canadian store so I would think there is a good chance we'll see them tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

yes! just tried them on, in usual size and size-up. sad sad.

carrie said...

Just bought the herringbone base runners. They were $108 FYI.. I wonder if there are different prices marked at different stores.

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know if the Base Runner Pants come in a size 2? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

An "insider" says... HMNJ = Space Dye Heathered Boom Juice! A new color for Winter is BMJC = Boom Juice. Mystery solved :)

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, Insider!!!! Boom Juice, lol.

Miffy316 said...

Can anyone let me know if BR Pants is tts or size up/down item? I'm so interested in thus pants, they look super comfy but hesitate to buy one after reading negative comments about pocket & rolling band issue. Does anyone have posit comments? :)