Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Coco Pique Skinny Groove Pants and More

lululemon free to be wild bra skinny groove pant
Rocky Road Free to Be Wild Bra and matching quilted Skinny Groove Pant

lululemon coco-pique-skinny-groove-pant herringbone-wunder-under-pant wrap it up sweater

lululemon wrap it up sweater sweater the better

lululemon coco pique skinny groove pant leg warmer

Coco Pique Skinny Groove Pant, Herringbone Wunder Under Pant, Sweater the Better (I can't tell whether this is a new color or the Black), Wrap It Up Sweater, and leg warmers.

lululemon mesh refresher racer tank
Australian is getting the mesh items and &Go items now but they got one new item - a mesh version of the Refresher Racer Tank.

lululemon toothpaste inspiration tank

lululemon twisted bliss ear warmer

lululemon inspiration tank yama check speed short

lululemon inspiration tank

lululemon inspirationtank

lululemon inspiration tank
Inspiration tanks in Toothpaste, Black, and Gray. Also shown are Flaming Tomato Yama Check Speed Shorts, the Twisted Bliss Ear Warmer, and Laser Cut Wunder Under Pants.


Heather Carmichael (Partial to Pink) said...

I like the twisted bliss ear warmer. It looks really warm. I'll have to check that out in the store.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that the woman wearing the coco pique skinny grooves shows a lot of camel toe. Has anyone else experienced that with coco pique?

Laura said...

Omg the CT with those pique pants is.. Eesh

Anonymous said...

I love the coco pique skinny groove pant but it looks like a high risk for camel toe :/.

Deezee007 said...

I have the coco pique WUP from last year and while I am not prone to CT, I can see how it might give some one a CT given that there is a seem running up the middle.

I think this chick in the pictures has hers hiked up to much.

Anonymous said...

It might not be CT exactly but the darker seam makes an arrow shape that points right to the crotch. I would be embarrassed. Very little appeals to me in Lulu's designs lately, and even the items I do liike have not been well made. I have made a lot of returns lately. Makes me sad.

Unknown said...

I think that seam is a problem! I have the striped skinny grooves from a few months back and the black seam running down the front looks odd to me. I wear them with long sweaters that cover the crotch area because I think the seam really calls attention to an area that I don't particularly want to be looked at. These pants may have a similar issue!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't care for the new wrap but the coco pique skinny wills look pretty ! Also curious about the bundle up scarf

Anonymous said...

yeah i wish they would do the coco piqua fabric w/out the dark thread, that is a big no no imo.