Thursday, October 23, 2014

Clip In Tank, Ravi Tee, Everyday Pant, and More

lululemon clip in tank berry-yum-yum-wheezy-check speed shorts

lululemon clip in tank berry-yum-yum-wheezy-check-speed-shorts
From a US lululemon store in Utah - new Clip In Tank and Berry Yum Yum Wheezy Check Speed Shorts. Anyone try on the Clip In Tank yet? 

lululemon ravi tee

lululemon ravi tee white
Photos of the new Ravi Tee.

lululemon everyday pant

lululemon everyday pant black

lululemon-everyday pant reflective strip
Everyday Pant and Torque Tank

lululemon brisky biker jacket

lululemon-brlsky-biker jacket sand dune

lululemon brisky-biker-jacket-sand-dune
The Sand Dune Brisky Biker Jacket.

lululemon bust a move jacket journey-crop

lululemon journey-crop bust-a-move-jacket

lululemon-bust-amove-jacket journey crop

lululemon going grape swiftly ls

lululemon turn-around-tight forme jacket

lululemon forme jacket herrinbgone-turn-around-tight

lululemon rocky road forme jacket

Weekend LS. I tried this on and really like the thicker Vitasea material but found the fit very masculine - wide upper back and more tapered at the hip.


Anonymous said...

I just tried on the clip on tank. It was kind of weird. I sized down to a 2 from my normal 4. I'm pretty small (5' tall, 103 lbs.) and the fabric just billowed in the front, plus the neck was really high and slightly uncomfortable. I left it hanging on the hanger (the grape one is pretty). I don't spin or do yoga, would have used it for running, but I can't run in a neck that high! Not for me. A taller person might be able to pull it off.

Lots of cocoa pique scarves at Bellevue Square today.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Turn Around Tights in rulu are very warm or not? I'm thinking they wouldn't be warmer than my brushed luxtreme speed tights from last year, but I'm curious to hear people's thoughts. I'm interested in them, but they seem like they might be better for indoor activities or weather in the 50 degree range? I live in the Midwest, so try to get tights that can withstand cold and wind. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what brand of shoes she has on in the close up of the everyday pant?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:44 pm - thanks for the fit comments on the Clip In Tank.

Unknown said...

Love her shoes with every day pant !

Anonymous said...

The out of this world dress is super tight. I wouldn't call it comfortable at all. Notice how the seams pucker at the hip on the model. It's going back.

Anonymous said...

LLA, I said the same thing about the Weekend LS. I felt as if I was wearing my husband's shirt. And size 4 was too large for me. I wear everything in 2.

Anonymous said...

The Clip In Tank looks flattering in the photos here. I'm still not going to buy it (I'm a CRB girl) but she looks good.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:49 pm - It was a bummer because I really liked the heathered inkwell material. The weird fit gave me wrinkles above my boobs. The drop sleeve really ruined it.