Saturday, October 25, 2014

Clip In Tank, Fuel Green Manifesto Speed Shorts, and More

lululemon manifesto fuel green speed shorts

lululemon fuel green speed shorts swiftly ls
The Space Dye Fuel Green Swiftly LS and Fuel Green Manifesto Speed Shorts.

lululemon clip in tank
The Black Clip in Tank and Rocky Road/Toothpaste Free to Be Wild bra. I tried this tank on at the store on Friday but didn't love it on me. It's very flowy and cool when not tied up but I don't feel comfortable with an open lower back. Also, I wasn't able to tie it up in a way that looked cute in both the back and front but, then again, I am a bit challenged that way. I struggle with making my Vinyasas not look ridiculous, too. ;-)

lululemon anytime skirt refresher-racer-tank
Going Grape Refresher Racer Tank, Anytime Skirt, and Two Times a Yogi Bag.

lululemon brisky-biker-jacket twisted-bliss-toque
Brisky Biker Jacket and Twisted Bliss Toque.

The Sweater the Better in Heathered Medium Gray. I know it's been out for awhile but the sweater looks so cute on this woman. I really like the two I bought but I see they are still fully in stock on the website. I assume that means they'll be headed to WMTM before too long.


Unknown said...

I have one Sweater the Better, and although I like it, I don't think the material is going to hold up well. I would grab a WMTM one, however, because it is cute. The store I go to has tons of them left, so my eagle eye is watching and hoping for them to head there soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Anyone has feedback on the fuel green long sleeve swiftly? Is it soft and thick? I stay pretty far from a LLM store, and would appreciate any info :) TIA
If I'm a size 4 in short sleeve swiftlys, should I get a size 4 in the long sleeve as well?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:54 am - I just bought the fuel green ls swiftly and it's thick and soft.

Anonymous said...

the wheezy check speed shorts are back in stock if anyone missed out on those ( like i did!)

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment about the durability of swiftlies? I got one short sleeved swiftly a while ago and it was so badly snagged the first time I wore it (from my Lulu cross body!) that I never dared buy one again. Why do people love them so much if they don't last one day? Or was mine a lemon? (no pun intended!).

Same question about Vitasea - I have two shirts that got holes in the really quickly, and yet they made a dress out of this material? how is that going to hold up with sitting?
For the record all of my other clothes hold up great - its not like I lead a wild life!

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Base Runner pants today and had to size up to a 6 in both black & herringbone... FYI none of my LLL pants are a 6.

Funny story - I was wearing my black Brisky Biker jacket today and got a few compliments which is always nice! But, this gal came up and asked me if it was a Burberry?! I told her it was LLL and she was very surprised and said Burberry has a similar looking jacket.

@anon 10:55 - You have to treat your swiftly like a delicate flower or your finest silk! lol Seriously, I don't let anything rub on them or let my dog jump on me when I'm wearing mine. I do have at least 20 of them and none have snags. They are definitely high maintenance though!

Unknown said...

I have quite a few swifltlys; it's a love-hate. They of course are easy to snag, but they hold their shape and colors well, and although they're thin, they don't feel cheap to me. However, I've had to get adept at pushing snags back through, because they are going to get them. It's ultimately a delicate fabric that i have learned to be very careful with. I would say if you don't intend to try to be careful with them, don't buy them. All in all, I do keep buying & wearing them, but they're not pieces that I get too attached to because they will not be tag-perfect for long!

Anonymous said...

@ 10:55 AM, I have been fortunate with my Swiftly Shirts (3 s/s and 1 l/s). One of the s/s has a couple of snags on the inside a the the top of the sleeve, doesn't show on the outside. Other ones are fine. The reviews overall are that they are delicate and snag easily. I mostly were mine for running (as intended), but I have also worn as casual wear and been OK. My only disclaimer is that once I bought a brand new one and washed it (ALWAYS inside out in a delicates bag) first before wearing it, and it actually got a little tear in it. I took it right back and no problems returning. That's always the way I wash them (many times now) so it was weird this new one was a dud right away, not even worn.

Vitasea - no faith in this fabric because of the problems with it. Whatever they make it into, the item can be the most good looking thing, I simply have sworn off anything vitasea.

Anonymous said...

10:55 vitasea is known to look aged in like 2 washes, some people like that worn out t-shirt look.
In regeards to the swiftlies, mine are holding up pretty well, I have one or 2 snags on one of my older tanks but they are small.


Anonymous said...

Sweater is on WMTM!