Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blizzard Parka, Coco Pique Bhakti Yoga Jacket, Weekend LS, and More

lululemon blizzard parka

lululemon blizzard parka fuel green

lululemon blizzard parka 2

lululemon blizzard parka fuel green black
Photos of the new Fuel Green Blizzard Parka.

lululemon coco pique bhakti yoga jacket

lululemon coco pique bhakti yoga jacket
The new Coco Pique Bhakti Yoga Jacket. I am really liking this.

lululemon bumble berry pique wunder under pant
The Bumble Berry Pique Wunder Under pants have hit the stores.

lululemon weekend ls

weekend ls

weekend ls back
Photos of the new Weekend LS.

hop to it crop rocky road

rocky road hop to it crop

hop to it crop rocky road

hop to it crop

Rocky Road Hop To It Crop Photos

lululemon manifesto scrip wunder under crop
The Manifesto print Wunder Under Crop.

coco pique race your pace speed

rocky road speed short

spped short
Photos of the Rocky Road trimmed Speed Short and Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS.


Anonymous said...

Looking for Lululemon Angel in U.S. to order off website. I will pay all shipping costs, etc. I would be willing to angel from Canada in return - plus, in addition to website, I have access to four LLL stores and would be willing to shop for you. Please contact me at

Unknown said...

Disappointed in the pics of the Blizzard Parka..The drop pockets won't flatter those of us with hips and the material looks to be a wrinkled mess :(

stylista diva said...

I'm kind of wishing the Weekend LS was a bit longer. Maybe it's just how it's shown on that particular model.

Livvy said...

Oh my word. That coco pique bhakti jacket is FABULOUS!!!!!!! Hope to see a pic of it fully zipped up soon.

Anonymous said...

OT: Canadian unable to access the US warehouse sale but there was a big upload to WMTM for us instead, so contemplating the b&w striped Movement jacket - any comments on sizing and fit? Love this great LLL community!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 10:04

check out the Lulu Chat group on facebook. They can help you out with sizing and fit questions!

Anonymous said...

BOOOOOOOOI I have read that the FREE TO BE WILD sizing is OFF!!!! Waited so darn long....

Anonymous said...

love that pique bhakti jacket too but wish they would make a solid pique jacket. i guess it has to do with keeping the right amount of stretch/structure in the sleeves?

Anonymous said...

Which Lulu Chat group on facebook? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen a heathered slate energy bra around? Just asking because I ordered the Flow Y and love the color, but am contemplating sending it back for an energy in the same color. Like the fit of energys better.

Anonymous said...

The coco pique race your pace LS is really calling my name. the model wearing it with the speed shorts looks fantastic in that outfit.


Anonymous said...

When is the Free to Be Wild bra coming up?!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:06 am - there are several. The one I am an admin of is called Lulu Lounge.

Anonymous said...

Quick fit report: This was an EXPENSIVE week.
Coco pique RYP LS is heavenly. Soft, instant keep.
Osaka Stripe RYP LS: Same. Buttery soft, not *super* thick but really adorable, and I pretty much hate stripes.
Flaming Tomato Ebb to Street Tank- The underdog! The color is gorgeous and super bright (like I haven't seen Lulu colors in a while, more saturated than Raspberry Glo!) and I've never worn that particular tank before, which is my new favorite. I'm tiny and about 36 C and bought the 4 and 6, both of which fit well. Just a matter of preference.
Mauvelous CRB: Another contender. Really really soft.
Petal Camo Inspires: Great looking. I love the print. Don't know if I need inspires.
Sashiko Crops in Black Petal Camo: Surprisingly cute. I don't love that the denim looks kind of blue (like the normal denim) and not grey or black. But the seams are flattering, good medium rise, and cute angled cut at the bottoms.
Departure Pant (Shine Dot): Quite cute. Like a slim fitting trouser. Luon is super thick, these are a little longer and IMHO more stylish than the Gather and Crow. Don't know if I'll keep them because the loose design will not be too warm during the nasty New York winter, also not sure how they'll tuck into shorter boots.

Anyone else PO-ed that so much product went down in price very quickly? I'd understand if they cut it in the final hours, but tons of it was slashed in half late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. I'm going to be reaching out to the GEC to see if they will at least give me a credit for the difference. I bought a ton of stuff for my husband and half off is a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

the F2BW bras are sort of TTS. i got both colours today. the white and black stripes fits the same as my old one. the rocky road one is slightly tighter, but not enough that i needed to go up a size.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Rocky Road Hop To It Crops but they were $98.00!! Had to leave them at the store.

Anonymous said...

So, my order has arrived. First time in weeks it will go back to the store fully. At least my husband will be happy, lol.
First- coco pique vinyasa. I have mini pique check from last year and it is much thinner than that. Also, it is really not reversible. Even my herringbone with seams is reversible. So, it will go back.
Second- anytime dress in stripes. I am in love with my heathered inkwell one, but found the color in inkwell is the best.
Third- Bhakti jacket in violet. Color is beautiful, but compared to my bright blue from last year- thinner, scratchier, sleeves are too long, and something pulls weird across the chest when it is completely fastened.
Fourth- BD pleated skirt. Great saturation of color, but the pleats are damaged by being packed at the factory. I do love my inkwell though- best skirt I own, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I think the blizzard parka has a very bizarre look to it, can't quite put my finger on it - they should probably let the hardcore outdoor brands handle this kind of stuff, stick to workout/casual gear!

Anonymous said...

Just received the NECK WARMER. I have two from the last year and this one is shorter and lighter version of fabric. I'm deeply disappointed, I wanted to add the Coco piquet to my little "collection". I measured it and its about 3" (!) shorter than the last year and seems like a rulu light... Definitely not the buttery soft and nicely thick rulu of the last year. Goes back and I will probably get one of the last year models from eBay . :-(

Anonymous said...

I finally made it in to my closest store today to try both the Race Your Pace Long Sleeve and the Race Your Pace Half Zip - loved both, especially in the Black Coco Pique colours! Fit of both is perfect and very flattering, and the coco pique fabric is so soft and cozy! I got the last size 4 Race Your Pace Long Sleeve in the black coco pique and am so happy because they were all sold out online! I wish the Fuel Green Long Sleeve was all coco pique fabric and not the mixed fabric and I would have bought it too! Would love to see the Long Sleeve in more colours in solid coco pique fabric (bumble berry, berry yum yum, etc) I think I've found a couple of new favourite Lulu top styles! :)

Oh and also the Bhakti Yoga Jacket! How could I almost forget! I wasn't really interested in this style of jacket before but thought hey why not try it on and see, so I tried it for the first time ever today in both the Black Coco Pique and the solid Black and I ended up purchasing the solid black one! The Coco Pique one was gorgeous but I just really liked the look of the solid black one on me and decided it's a good basic go with everything colour and a good choice for my first Bhakti Jacket purchase(I'm sure I'll be adding more now that I know how much I like this style!). It's a gorgeous and super flattering jacket and a nice change from all of my Defines and Formes (love love love both these styles and have many, and always looking out for more to add!). I wear a size 4 in both the Define and Forme jackets and took a size 4 in the Bhakti Yoga Jacket as well.

It was a great shopping day for me today - I'm glad I branched out a bit from my usual go to styles and tried out a few new styles today! Absolutely love all three purchases and will be on the lookout to add other colours in these styles. :)