Thursday, October 9, 2014

Black Grape Bhakti Jacket, Striped Radiant LS, and More

lululemon black grape bhakti jacket

lululemon black grape race your pace bhakti jacket
Photos of the new Black Grape Bhakti Jacket and Race Your Pace Half Zip.

black grape race your pace ls
 Another photo of the new Black Grape Race Your Pace Half Zip.

lululemon weekend ls and laser wunder under pant

Weekend LS and Laser Cut Wunder Under Pant

lululemon striped radiant ls
The new striped Radiant LS.

lululemon manifesto wunder under crop
 Manifesto Wunder Under Crop

luluemon om tee
Black Grape OM Tee and Lushe Telemark Wunder Under Pant

 More of the Lusche Telemark Wunder Under Pant

lululemon bordeaux rebel runner crops
 Bordeaux Inky Floral Rebel Runner Crop

 Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS

Rocky Road Hop to It Crop and Laser Cut 105F singlet.

Spotted in Canadian stores - two new Free to Be Wild bra colors - one is a Rocky Road print with Toothpaste stripes and the other is a hyperstripe ghost/black, black coco pique skinny will pants, flaming tomato denim wunder under crops, black grape cotton roll down wunder under pants, and heathered black grape skinny will pants.


Anonymous said...

Telemark pants = yuck.....they don't seem to compliment anyone.

Anonymous said...

Ok those Lusche Telemark pants make the gal wesring them in the rear facing pic look like her derriere is composed of watermelons, hahaha

And yes, she has a fab figure, but they do it nooooo justice.

Chezhire71 said...

Oh yeah! Re: those FTBW bras, any idea what color straps are?
Rocky Road print with Toothpaste stripes - so body is Rocky Road & straps toothpaste, or other way around?
Hyperstripe ghost/black - so body is the hyperstripe w/ghost & black, but what color are the straps? Mixed ghost & black?!?! (I sure hope so!)

Anonymous said...

@4:00pm....watermelons!! Haha, I knew it reminded me of something!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are pretty funny. The ladies bum does look like 2 round watermelons. She has an excellent body.