Friday, October 24, 2014

Black Base Runner Pants, New Blue Swiftly

lululemon swiftly ls base runner pant black

lululemon base runner pant
I think she is showing these layered over other pants.

lululemon base runner pant blue swiflty

lululemon base runner pant swiftly

base runner pant luluelmon swfitly

lululemon bust a move jacket base runner pant

lululemon base runner pant swiftly ls

lululemon inkwell black herringbone base runner pant
New Base Runners in the store - thanks to Ms. M.
inkwell stripe fabric
The Inkwell stripe Base Runner Pant. Thanks to Ms. M. for the close up.

lululemon base runner pant tag
The Black and Inkwell are $108. Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.

Photos of new Base Runner pants.  Also shown is a new Swiftly color - the color code is CDBG but I'm having hard time figuring out what color it might be. People who have seen the Swiftly in the store says the color reminds them of Pigment Blue. If anyone knows what this color is, can you post in? It looks a lot like the men's Space Dye Lux Indigo but the color code doesn't match up.


Anonymous said...

Got manifesto CAMO speeds - looooove the pattern. Hope nice items are coming in green and grape Camo....

Anonymous said...

Looks similar to Cornflower.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:59 pm - Oooh! That's a good guess!

Anonymous said...

CDBG - Don't know the "CD" portion but "BG" is probably "Black Grape."

Unknown said...

I'm loving the look of these pants! What's the sizing like?? Up or down or do what I am??

Anonymous said...

Heathered bruised berry?

Anonymous said...

An "insider" says... Pigment Blue is a very good guess! We will see the return of PGB this winter. There is a chance the color code on the hangtag for the Swiftly is incorrect because CDBG = a color completely different.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, Insider!

starla said...

I want some of these pants but their not on the website :(