Monday, October 6, 2014

Biggy Dot Wunder Under Pant, Vite Vite Run Toque, Osaka Stripe Race Your Pace LS

lululemon-biggy dot wunder under pant radiant-ls

biggy dot wunder under pant lululemon-radiant-ls

radiant ls biggy-dot-wunder-under-pant

New Biggy Dot Printed Wunder Under  Pant and Radiant LS. These are the fullux WUPS.

fuel green fleecy keen jacket vite vite toque

lululemon fleecy keen jacket fuel green

fuel-gree-fleecy-keen jacket

lululemon fleecy keen jacket fuel-green

lululemon fuel green vite vite toque

back view lululemon fleecy keen fuel-green
Some nice photos of the Fuel Green Fleecy Keen Jacket. Shown with the Vite Vite run toque.

lululemon osaka stripe race-your-pace-ls

osaka stripe race your pace ls
New Race Your Pace LS in Heathered Black Grape Osaka Stripe.


Anonymous said...

I wish the biggy dot would come in an inspire since I run. I refuse to invest in crops or tights that don't have a zipper pocket.

stylistadiva said...

Fleecy Keen jacket color is gorgeous! So sad the biggy dot WUP are fullux. Don't like luxtreme in the WUP - too shiney. Any word on when the departure pants in biggy dot will be out?

Unknown said...

My local Lulu had some of these items in stock and I purchased the Race your pace LS in the heathered black osaka stripe LOVE it They also had the coco pique race your pace LS and I had to get that too..TTS
The Fuel Green Fleecy Keen jacket was there along with 2 other colors black and angel wing I believe..I really liked many elements of the jacket I found it a snug tts (10) but I think for me I preferred my upsize (12) to be able to layer..It's $198 very well made with a zip out dickie , really..It's the hood with panels that come down making it appear that there is a vest inside..If it had been a vest so that I could get 2 usable pieces I may have considered for the price. Although you van have 2 looks w/ or w/out the hood and faux vest. Loved the green color but just really don't need a favorite part is the back and the hood so I didn't see myself zipping off the hood with the side panels really ever.

Anonymous said...

How does the Fleecy Keen Jacket fit?

Anonymous said...

anon 6:43: Do you have a SPI belt? That might work in lieu of a zipper pocket. I have not been happy with the luxtreme lately and have run in a pair a WU a couple of times and the SPI works great. You don't even know you have it on.