Friday, October 3, 2014

Anytime Dress, Black Grape Rebel Runner Crops, and More

lululemon anytime dress

lululemon anytime dress bordeaux
Photos of the new Anytime Dress. From a Canadian lululemon store.

lululemon black grape rebel runner crop

lululemon black grape rebel runner crops

lululemon black grape rebel runner crops
Photos of the Black Grape Rebel Runner Crops with a Bumble Berry Swiftly tank.

lululemon jumbo inky floral inkwell speed tight

lululemon speed tight jumbo inky floral
More Jumob Inky Floral Inkwell Speed Tights, worn with the Departure Top.

lululemon radiant ls seek the heat crops
 Radiant LS and Seek the Heat Crops.

lululemon bordeaux radiant ls
The Bordeaux Radiant LS.

lululemon savasana softshell ii

lululemon savasana softshell ii camp check

lululemon savasana softshell camp check
More Savasana Softshell II jacket photos. It runs very large. 


Anonymous said...

Where are the grape rebel runner crops being sold? In the US?

Anonymous said...

I have the black rebel runner crops & mine r that, crops!! These look like pants on her! Which I like as well!! Hmmm good idea lulu! Make the rebel runners in a full length version ;)

Amanda said...

I saw the Radiant LS in stores today - which I really liked, until then! It's super thin and has unfinished, rolled seams. Unfinished seams for over $70? Get out of here, Lulu.

Alejandra said...

Quick product reviews: Black Grape rebel runner crops at my store in Brooklyn (gray as well). So cute and comfy! Black Grape is not like Black Swan in my opinion. Its a little grayer and to me, easier to wear. The crops are not as dark as black swan (more gray and less moody) but for some reason the subtle purple is really versatile. Chose them over the soot despite my devotion to lulu neutrals. Also saw the whole &go line, nothing even remotely enticing, and I'm a big fan of Lulu lifestyle/everyday wear.

No one has mentioned the fab addition of Super Soft Stretch French Terry to the line, which is amazing. I can only imagine its going to get better with age. Couldn't resist the grape Sattva pants even though they are $98. Still kind of disgusted with myself about that and won't be taking the tags off until the end of my return window.

For bustier ladies, try the Easy Breath Bra! It's my new favorite for every day and surprisingly, yoga! I'm a size 4, 100 lbs, 5'3" and a 32-34 C, and this is probably the only bra I've tried by them that gave my bust very flattering definition rather than compression. Looks great under my CRBs and swiftlys, which tend to emphasize the smooshing I get from the Energy Bra (which I love for the support), but I am always very conscious of the fact that I am wearing a sports bra. Can't imagine why these made it to WMTM so quickly and they are also on MD in my local stores.

OT entirely, skip over this rambling rant if you're not a lulu devotee!

I've been remarking to the local eds that prices seem to be getting ridiculous and they basically say "no comment" (sometimes in those very words). They know that I'm a former ed who basically got blacklisted from the LLL retail world for asking too many questions, challenging certain BS and restrictive behavioral rules, and being a rabble rouser in general. They don't know that I'm now a trend analyst and digital marketing consultant keenly interested in LLL at this very pivotal point in their business. They are about to close out 2014, a year of admittedly bad and unappealing design that has alienated its core customer base, awful PR, and many unhappy addicts who are becoming disillusioned with the declining quality of their service and the ridiculous e-commerce snafus. I don't even have to get into declining quality and the rapidly rising prices that are becoming prohibitive to even the most dedicated customers (primarily upper middle class white women). Despite these major setbacks they are slated to open a men's-only store here in New York, which would be a great idea if they hadn't already turned off a lot of men who are uncomfortable shopping in their stores and stigmatize the brand as too girly, not strong and athletic.

I am writing an article about this year's business failing business model and the projections for Lulu as we approach 2015; I would love to talk to anyone who has professional or compelling consumer insight to share (LLA you especially). I am specifically looking for customers ("guests") who have had interesting, direct interactions with the GEC and educators. I am hoping to compile these insights into a cohesive message that speaks for the majority of their loyal customer base and I hope to ruffle some feathers to get these voices heard. Let me know if anyone is interested in contributing (anonymously) and let's get in touch soon.

Unknown said...

How do I email you? I have some photos of the cita singlet that was online only if your interested

LuluAddict said...

Hi Sam - try

carrie said...

Alejandra: I previously posted here about the common practice at lulu stores of not refunding tax when doing exchanging (i.e., they tax you fully for whatever new stuff you are buying and do not refund the tax paid on the returned items). I have no idea if this is anything that you are interested in, but after hearing on this blog (and from friends) that this practice is not just my local store but happening all over the country (US at least), I wrote to GEC. I had several "interesting" direct interactions with them, which consisted of me informing them of this practice and providing concrete evidence (i.e., photos of receipts), and them saying "Thank you for your feedback!!!!!" and then doing nothing in the same cheerful, annoying way that they respond to most customer service concerns. They even told me "we have no control over our stores' payment systems" (LOL). Anyways, I thought it was interesting that even when I brought up an actual illegal practice (not a snag in a swiftly top), they basically just put it in writing that they going to do nothing. Maybe increasing prices and stealing customers tax money are part all part of the same company-wide "no comment". Or maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist??

Anyways... just thought I would share!

janine57 said...

Well I personally think lulu is doing better Alejandra. Why are you following them and buying them if they are in a downward spiral?

Anonymous said...

HI Alejandra:
I love workout clothes in general and don't just buy from LLM. Other brands on my radar include Splits59, Beyond Yoga, Zella, Stella Mc Addidas range, Athleta etc.

Sure, LLM has some quality issues, and some strange designs, but I really feel that they are still at the forefront of workout clothes in terms of trend setting and high comfort level. I think it's easy to criticize a brand, but I personally feel you should highlight the good parts as well.

I've met some lousy educators, but also many more passionate, friendly educators that really provided good customer service.

LLM customers tend to be a pretty discerning lot who are not afraid to give more feedback, whether good or bad, because of a greater sense of community that the brand has built up. Despite backlash here and there, I feel they still have a pretty good business going on.

As for the tax non-refund, that's terrible! If anything, I'll say LLM HQ need to grow their IT support team to resolve website glitches and get their financial system up to date fast.

Anonymous said...

For "lulu addicts" you guys sure have a lot of negative things to say!

Anonymous said...

@ Carrie 3:26 PM, this sounds like an unethical and unfair business practice. Have you contacted your local state consumer watchdog, ombudsman etc.? Charges and refunds would have very hard rules around them. If they are out of line with official requirements, there are broader ramifications and this is not just a "thanks for your feedback" item; the GEC person on the other end may not actually comprehend this.

Anonymous said...

Savasana Softshell jacket, quite unflattering and not worth the money. Would work if your pregnant, but not worth coining out for, even then.

Anonymous said...

Big dumb monk hood!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

janine57 and anon 11:23

Let me clarify what might have come off as overly negative in what I wrote above. As an educator, I invested time in a company and product I believed in. But similar to the overwhelming number of comments from fans of this site and the vocal ones on heylululemon, voices are not being heard by the company. They created a site to gather customer feedback and it is not being properly taken advantage of as far as we can tell, right? I simply think that an outsider will be more effective approaching them with this same feedback on behalf of the MANY lulu fans who are becoming disappointed in a company they love. I am not interested in critiquing their design or even the declining quality: if I don't like clothing, I don't buy it. You're all smart, educated consumers and I know you operate the same way. What I take issue with is their dismissal of fans' constructive and valuable criticism with their ridiculous jargon (like the misappropriation of the word "elevate"; I think we can all agree they'd sound a lot more genuine and down to earth if they just said "improve"). Moreover, I also have a problem with their policies that rip off loyal customers, intentionally or not. You don't bite the hand that feeds you, especially when your company manifesto is about happiness, health, and integrity above all else.

Ultimately, Lululemon is a very smart company that makes deliberate decisions based on very well-researched analyses of their customers behavior. If their flawed e-commerce operations are working out for them and they don't mind that their customers find the website and uploads a total pain, that's their business. If you don't like the struggle, if you don't want to play their particular game of supply and demand, buy other activewear. At the end of the day, it's clothing. It's their business, our hobby/vice/treat. Just enjoy what you have; take it for what it is and what it's worth to you in the greater context of your life. If you have one of that particular style of top that you adore because it works so well for your cross fit sessions, isn't that already great?

Anonymous said...

If LLL is producing more leisure-focused designs I am confident that they are not worried about losing the fans who love them for the more technical pieces. The evidence is written all over this blog, as self proclaimed loyalists complain that the more athletic pickins are slim or that they miss certain style staples. These ladies/gents haven't been alienated to the point of jumping ship. The same for everyone who maintains that luon is still not opaque as it once was and that your panties are too visible (I for one don't mind people knowing that I'm wearing underwear. I hear many people do so.) For the minority that is so turned off by those issues, athleta, Adidas, Nike, etc. provide great alternatives to Lulu with great designs, high quality, and often lower prices. Lulu can afford to lose that minority, moreso they can certainly afford to share those customers who like other brands.

My grievances lie with how they treat their loyal customers who give them the benefit of the doubt that their business practices will improved when they really haven't. (I will not cite any concrete data here, but you can google the falling stock prices and investors who are selling their shares. This is not in response to wunderunders being see-through or educators not being helpful or cheery. I think this is purely about PR, because of how the company has handled these issues, from what their representatives say to customers and how the company addresses these issues as a business. Chip's reputation as a loose cannon and other questionable behind-the-scenes business practices (there are some interesting ideas that educators are expected to digest and regurgitate) have been lurking for years and ultimately, the resulting instability might cost them a lot of business and scare away investors. I doubt there will be many on this ship if it sinks, the signs are pointing towards the iceberg. The only people getting "hurt" in this scenario are honest consumers who are spending a fortune on clothing of poor quality or too high a cost. But no one is forcing anyone to buy anything.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:20 I very much agree with you, as I'm saying here they are most certainly at this market and make a great product. I have plenty of positive things to say about their clothing and own far too much of it. Especially thanks to the new subdued and, IMHO, more elegant fall palette. I think they're offering a little something for everyone at the moment as we get into fall, which they always do very well.

What you outlined above is not all that shocking and of course illegal (not to mention the fact that it would be completely reproachable if practices by, say, Forever 21). Again, their dismissive attitude is really frustrating and never called for. Lulu, please don't tell me you're listening when you're not, do something to correct your bad behavior and rectify the situation so that I love you again. I would contact the BBB in some capacity if you have not (and feel up to the challenge).

We're talking about YOGA PANTS here. This is my field of study/work and to me, Lululemon is a fascinating company because of these tensions. What other company sparks such heated debate and caring, well-developed, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from its devotees? We would not be having this conversation about Adidas, and LLA would probably not have a blog (or such impassioned readers). No one would care about how thin the herringbone is this year compared to last year. As a fan base, we care about the product and the success of the company. My interest lies in the dissection of this phenomenon as to decipher what it says about collective consumer habits within this niche market, and if I can provide constructive support to the company as I detangle all of these ideas, I would love to do so.

I'm not out to hurt ANYONE and hope that I have the opportunity to waste more hard-earned cash on colorful wunder unders, my beloved and highly functional swiftly racer backs, and lovely, drape-y sweaters for many more years to come. Oh, and bags. Relatively speaking, I will never have too many Lulu bags.

(If you made it to the end of this you have a fantastic attention span, and I hope you all go enjoy your weekend and get some sleep. I can be reached at

between sizes said...

Can anyone comment on the fit/wear of luxtreme? I purchased the inky floral speed tights (yea!) but I'm one of those 'in-between' size people (36" hip puts me right between a 4 and 6 for sizing). Sometimes I get a 4, sometimes a 6. I find the 4s always snug in the waist with no wrinkling in the leg. The 6s are comfortable in the waist but there's wrinkling at the knee so I worry with wear they are going to end up sagging at the butt too and possibly require constant hitching up at the waist. Is this fabric better on the snug side or relaxed?

Anonymous said...

hello in between I have a similar sizing issue as you. on the WUC or most luon pants\crops I wear a 4 and the waist seems fine. Any of the luxtreme running pants or crops, I have to size up due to the waist being a bit tight so I size up to a 6.


Anonymous said...

lustreme is best snug, but not tight.