Monday, September 29, 2014

Straight to Class Pants and More

lululemon sweater the better

lululemon bordeaux sweater the better

lululemon sweater the better sleeves

lululemon sweater the better straight to class pant

lululemon straight to class pant

lululemon ankle detail straight to class pant
A nice series of photos showing the new Sweater the Better and Straight to Class Pants.

lululemon straight to class pant
Showing the waist on the Straight to Class Pant. Bordeaux Sweater the Better is also shown.

Seek the Heat Tank with Special Edition Laser Cut Wunder Unders and Flat Inky Floral Seek the Heat Crops.

Almost Pear Swiftly Tank and Speed Tights. Shown with a Free to Be Wild bra. That bra is older so FTBW fans don't get too excited. Update - Reader Kathy points out that the Free to Be Wild bra is now on the banner in the bra section of the website so maybe the stores are starting to get these. I believe I had heard they were coming back this fall.


kathy said...

Not completely true about the free to be wild bras. They are shown on the banner of the 'bra' section so the one shown might be new stock.

LuluAddict said...

Good point, Kathy, and I had heard they were supposed to re-releasing them, maybe in October? - I can't remember - however I'd feel more excited if I saw the FTBW in a new color on the bannder instead of basic black. I haven't read of any chatter on my lulu facebook groups about people spotting the bra in the stores recently so that is why I think it might not quite be out yet. You are right, though, being on the banner is a good sign.

Anonymous said...

That banner has been up for about a month.

Anonymous said...

FTBW bra on the bra banner has been up for a while, Canadian site anyway. Pretty sure it went up when they re-released the black version not too long ago.

A reader did comment that FTBW bras were coming in October. That must be an insider? so maybe more are coming.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the FTBW bra has been on the banner for over a month and Heylululemon confirmed that it will be landing sometime in Fall, most likely October. :)