Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rust Berry Swiftly LS and More

lululemon rust berry swiftly ls
Rust Berry Swiftly LS

lululemon pine stripe forme jacket

lululemon mojave pine stripe
Pine Stripe Forme Jacket and Plush Petal Pace Setter Skirt

lululemon pace setter skirt
Bumble Berry Ebb and Flow Racerback and Plush Petal Pace Setter Skirt


Anonymous said...

wish these "berry shades" would go away already....... jeeze louise been waiting for some nice tartan red deep and blood red cardinal red anything but pinky reds or berry's so so so so so sick of this color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just the look I was going for--a mattress jacket! I wonder if I will be prosecuted under penalty of law if I should happen to remove the label...

Anonymous said...

OT but has anyone tried on the rebel runner jacket and can give any fit info? There's only one negative review for it on the website so far. I'm so tempted to order but I just hate the way most of LLLs jackets are tight across the bust and under the arms. Don't want to tie up cash ordering something that'll just go back if it's a crappy fit. Instagram said...

@anon3:40 pm Hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

4:51 I have never had luck with the jackets that lulu makes, so I stay away from them. like you say the fit is odd, maybe because I am busty and have wide shoulders, They are also pricey. I get my jackets from patagonia.