Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rocky Road Gusto Blue Wunder Under Pant and More

lululemon rocky road wunder under pant

lululemon rocky road gust wunder under pant

lululemon rocky-road-gusto-blue wunder-under-patn

lululemon rocky road gusto blue print

lululemon rocky-road-gusto-blue wunder-under-pant

lululemon rebel runner jacket rocky-road-wunder-under-pant
I am really liking this outfit.

The Rocky Road Gusto Blue Wunder Under Pants. Shown with the Bumble Berry Vita Tank and Purple Fog Rebel Racer jacket.

lululemon breathe easy tank skinny will pant

lululemon breathe in tank skinny will pant
Bordeaux Breathe In Tank and Skinny Will Pant

lululemon breathe in tank purple fog
Breathe Tank and matching Purple Fog Wunder Under Crop.

lululemon citta leotard knit pant

lululemon citta leotard knit pant

lululemon citta knit pant

lululemon citta knit pant
I saw the Citta Pants in the store today. They felt really nice. They only went up to an 8 so I couldn't try them on but they seemed really nice. Also shown is the Citta Leotard.

lululemon ghost inky floral tracker short

lululemon ghost inky floral tracker ii short

lululemon ghost inky floral tracker ii short
Ghost Inky Floral Tracker II Shorts and Ebb and Flow Racerback. I tried on the Ebb and Flow today and really liked it. The material seemed very soft and I thought the fit was TTS.

lululemon rust berry 105f singlet
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lululemon seek the heat crop

lululemon 105F Singlet rust berry

Rust Berry 105F Singlet and Seek the Heat Crops

lululemon hop to it crop

lululemon plush petal front racer tank
Plush Petal Front Racer Tank (she is wearing it backwards in this photo) - it's a high poly fabric print - and Hop to It Crops.

lululemon shine dot om and roam crop

lululemon shine dot om and roam crop
Bordeaux Shine Dot Om and Roam Tight

lululemon rust berry swift long sleeve
Rebel Runner Vest with the Rust Berry Swiftly LS
lululemon rebel runner vest

lululemon rebel runner jacket

lululemon rebel runner jacket

lululemon purple fog rebel runner jacket
Purple Fog Rebel Runner
Rebel Runner Vest and Jacket Photos.


Anonymous said...

The Citta Leotard and Citta Pant look great on the woman wearing them in these pictures.

I wasn't really interested in the Citta Pant until these images.

Anonymous said...

One of my WUPs from last season started to pill pretty badly in couple of places. My recently purchased skinny groove in denim inkwell was covered with fuzz after one wash. I took both pairs to the store today and received a gift card in their purchased value. I think Lulu has the philosophy that their clothes should last five years. I would not bring back four-year old gears, but definitely expect mine to last at least two years. Ladies, save your receipts just in case.

I am not happy with the recent price increases either, but I will still buy cute and good quality lulu knowing that they are guaranteed for a few years. Recently I have ventured into Lulu casual wear. What can I say, I am an addict!

stylistadiva said...

The Citta pant looks pretty in those photos. It's an outfit I can see a dancer wearing. If my store has them, I'll try them on. Not sure I could pull them off or where I'd wear them though.

Anonymous said...

Hey LLA, did you see the runway crops on WMTM? I got myself a pair since I'd been kicking myself for not getting them when they first came out!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Canada, and I just noticed some Roll Down crops especially *Cotton ones been removed by this morning. I don't think they sold out since I just saw them there yesterday. I'm wondering if I may see them again at this year's Outlet.
Another thing, What's the point of increasing the prices? Increase their prices and WISH they sell? If not, just move them to WMTM for their original prices or a little less. The price of doing that though is piss their fans off. Here to There dress is a typical example. If it's because Lulu saw eBayers could sell their stuff for ridiculous amount and think, hmm, why don we do that as well, then I just want to tell them that first of all, we expect differently from different sellers. Secondly, the buyers on eBay are only small percentage of your regular base customers, which means, most of us, like me, never bought a damn thing from eBay. Come on Lulu, we didn't just pick our $ from the ground, we worked hard for our money! No more price changing games, or we'll breakup.

Anonymous said...

What is the material of the Rocky Road Gusto Blue Wunder Under Pants? Luon, Full-On Luon, Luxtreme, Denim? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

the ebb and flow racer tank is really soft. Looks like it will wick sweat pretty well, I might get the white one.


LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:02 am - I did see the black Runday crops in WMTM. I swear they were uploaded a week or two ago, also. I tried on the black rundays when they were in the stores months ago. I have enough plain black run crops, especially now that I bought the Petal Camo Inspires yesterday. However, if there were some print rundays on wmtm I would totally get them. A friend told me more high waist run crops like the Rundays and Rebel Runners are coming.

Anonymous said...

that gal can do squats!!!!! most women including me struggle w/ correct form...... love it!!!