Monday, September 29, 2014

Petal Camo Flow Y Bra, Conductor Stripe Straight to Class Pant, and More

lululemon flow y petal camo

lululemon flow y bra petal camo
New Petal Camo print Flow Y bra. I am kind of liking this.

lululemon wee stripe race your pace half zip

The other pieces in that Petal Camo Flow Y outfit - a Wee Stripe Race Your Pace Half zip and Petal Camo Speed Tights.

The Sweater the Better with a pair of Conductor Stripe Straight to Class Pant.

lululemon seek the heat tank

lululemon seek the heat tank bra

lululemon seek the heat tank black gray

lululemon seek the heat bra strap
Some great Seek the Heat tank photos showing the attachment of the singlet to the bra. Also shown are Fuel Green Ebb to Street Pants.

lululemon laser cut wunder under

lululemon seek the heat black gray tank

lululemon laser wunder under crop special edition

lululemon seek the heat laser cut wunder under crop

lululemon tomato almost pear seek the heat tank

lululemon seek the heat almost pear
More Seek the Heat tank photos.

lululemon laser cut wunder under crop
Laser Cut Wunder Under Crops


Anonymous said...

The black bra of the Seek the Heat tank looks like a medieval jail to me. The colored versions just look messy an constricting. Don't even want to imagine trying to get in or out of that bra.

I'm king of glad nothing appeals to me right now. I even returned the Race Your Pace Half zip because overall it is cheaply made and not worth the $100 price tag. Also doubtful I would buy it if it went to wmtm.

Anonymous said...

Seamless makes your bum look like a Conehead behind. ��

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else fallen out of love with Lulu? What the heck is going on? Is it just me?

Anonymous said...

That looks like a bondage outfit.

Anonymous said...

Cheap and tacky looking! Come on, Lulu. WTH?!

Anonymous said...

Feels so good to be over lulu. I am happy with my stuff from years back. The new is not appealing at all.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 5:46 PM - I've fallen out of love with lulu too. I still check the blogs out of habit but the pull is gone. I don't hate it I just am not interested. I feel like they're trying to move the brand in the direction of carbon38-esque brands. Maybe I'm wrong but it's just not the luluness that I was so hooked on and the fact that they release every week is actually making it worse, since they are constantly reminding me of how I am not interested in these products.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Ugh.............

Anonymous said...

That bra is just too complicated. Give me a good old simple elegant flow y or free to be. Anyway, why not just bring back the Free to Be Wild?? Madness here.

LOL on the medieval jail comment. Totally agree. Free My Shoulder Blades!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:29 pm - bwahaha free my shoulder blades - too funny!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:16 pm - I agree about the Carbon 38 direction, too, but then they'll come out with all the cute sashico star/inky floral stuff and remind me that the old lululemon is still in there.

Anonymous said...

I felt lucky that I was able to get a size4 Inky floral seak the heat crop since it almost immediately ran out sz4 online. Only sad to find out that it is so sheer when I bend deeply I could even see my nude underwear, no mention hot pink ones. It will go back for sure! I might push myself to keep it for its beautiful pattern and the fact that I don't need to bend a lot in it as it's a running crop, but sorry for 100 dollars, I expect a perfect running gear. If anyone tried it in store and does not think it's too sheer, I don't mind to send it to you as long as you are going to pay the shipping. Contact internationalst at hotmail ASAP then.

Anonymous said...

I like weird and interesting designs, but the stuff above is just not practical or cool looking. The bra and tank are just such a fail.
I just looked at the carbon 38 site and you guys are right. they even have a similar bra to the one in the pictures above.


Anonymous said...

anon 7:16 pm here. Just to clarify, I have nothing against carbon38 and I think some of their stuff looks cool and fun. But there are plenty of brands doing that, and there's something more classic and unique about, well, classic lulu. (Plus, right now it seems like they're experimenting with designing for that style, sometimes nailing it, sometimes not.)

LuluAddict said...

@ 11:05 am - I think the person who is drawn to the edgy urban stuff like on Carbon 38 is not really (or has not been) the typical lululemon customer of the past. I assume lululemon is trying to draw in the person who likes the edgier look but the people who prefer the more classic styling, i.e. "lululemon" styling, feels they're being shortchanged and not getting as many pieces offered to them as in the past. It definitely come across as the company being somewhat schizophrenic. Lululemon pioneered their look, that is now so imitated, so it's kind of sad to see them trying to imitate others such as Michi and Nesh.

Unknown said...

I'm soo not digging the laser cut wucs now that I see it on real people. I have big calves so that opening would do me no favors since it would only emphasize them in a bad way rather than elongate/transform them.

The blond in the Petal Camo Flow Y outfit with a Wee Stripe Race Your Pace Half zip and Petal Camo Speed Tights is totally selling me all of it. That's a super cute neutral matchy matchy outfit.