Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NEW! Om and Roam Pant, Bumble Berry Plaid Scuba, and More

lululemon find your centre wrap om and roam
New Om and Roam Pant. Shown with the Find Your Centre Wrap.

lululemon chilly chill vest

lululemon chilly chill vest

lululemon chilly chill vest

Om and Roam Pant, Chilly Chill Vest, Berry Plaid Scuba, and Yogini 5 Year Tee.

lululemon purple fog studio jacket
Purple Fog Studio Jacket

lululemon quilted bangbuster
New quilted Bangbuster. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

lululemon chilly chill vest

lululemon chilly chill vest

lululemon chilly chill vest sashico

lululemon chilly chill vest gingham

lululemon chilly chill vest inky floral
Chilly Chill vest photos.

lululemon diamond dot en route pant

lululemon sweater life sweater

lululemon awesoma henley
En Route pants shown with the Good to Go tee, Sweater Life Sweater, Awesoma Henley and Bumble Berry Power Y.


Anonymous said...

I tried on the en-route pant in the diamond - and they were see through :( I know I shouldn't be surprised with the fabric, but still, I really like the idea of them - especially a high waist. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the black en route crops which aren't sheer. I don't like diamond dot so I didn't even try it. I love the crops though!

Anonymous said...

Debating on whether to keep the Inkwell/Black Denim Skinny Wills I purchased. They seem so hot to work out in, LLA do you usually wear yours for everyday?

Anonymous said...

Got en routes in black, love them. great fall transition pant. For the check Scuba above, is this true berry or more red?

Anonymous said...

These all look like items a Midwest housewife would order...barf!

Anonymous said...

Off topic- does anyone know if the herringbone vinyasa's were an online only item or if any stores will be carrying them? I am looking for one in the GTA. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The girl in the first few photos in the Om and Roam Pant, Chilly Chill Vest, Berry Plaid Scuba is adorable.

Anonymous said...

LLA, did you check out the new Kit & Ace store while you were in Vancouver?

And locals, what say you about the clothes etc.?

Anonymous said...

Some good second markdowns today at Pacific Place in Seattle - run times shorts for $19, Exhalation pullover for $34.

Deezee007 said...

Anon 11:24- I have 3 pairs of Skinny Wills and wear them as casual wear or for light activities (walking the dog, light hike, etc).
They are a little heavy for every day active wear,but are very stylish for every day wear. Hope that helps!
SO excited for the herringbone WUP, plaid Scuba Hoodie (as long as there is no price hike associated with the print), and BB CRB! It's going to be an expensive week :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, why didn't they just do a heathered bumleberry scuba? The plaid just looks juvenile, like something you would see at PacSun.

Lovin4u said...

@ Anon 11:24
I also purchased the Inkwell/Black Slub Denim Skinny Wills, They are very thick and on the tighter side but look nice. I am on the fence about these as well since I already have Inkwell Skinny Wills. I wouldn't be able to wear them to yoga because too hot. I would probably wear them around town on colder days. Not sure that I can justify the purchase when there are some new things I really like. Any other thoughts on these?

Anonymous said...

I passed our local store today. Tried the new Bumble berry Scauba hoodie, OMG so warm and so soft, is such a pretty color, so I had to get one for me and my sister. I found the new scubas are better fit at waist, and they are tts. Now I just have to hunt a black Chilly Vest since I missed it on the upload day, and our store only had size 8 left. :<

Chezhire71 said...

psst, upload! Just checked out with no problems for my LLL Size 4 Heathered Black Herringbone WUP! Sooo excited! Probably go back for the Flat Inky Floral pant, too!

Lisa Ladouceur said...

I LOVE that plaid scuba. I'll have to hold out though as I just spent a bunch there in the last week (cardigan, astro WUC, Flow-Y bra. WU Print pants, Scuba on WMTM…help!).

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:55 pm - I intended to but I ran out of time and energy when I was there. Honestly, from what I have seen so far I wasn't motivated enough to make the effort to take a trip down there. I really prefer darker colors and the black is only offered in men's tops at this time.

chingaling ling said...

That Chilly Chill Vest, Berry Plaid Scuba combo is way too Pacific Northwest for me.

Liz said...

In the first photos, is she wearing a Two Times a Yogi bag? And that doesn't look like Bordeaux Drama, but more like that purple fog?