Monday, September 29, 2014

NEW Mauvelous Black Hyperstripe Vinyasa

lululemon hyperstripe race your pace ls
Not many photos of the Hyperstripe Race Your Pace LS have shown up. Shown with the Hop To It Crop.

lululemon sweat-er once a day jacket

lululemon sweat-er once a day jacket

lululemon sweat-er once a day jacket

Sweat-er Once a Day jacket.

lululemon on your way bra bark cotton wunder under pant
Credit to Craig Knox and Sattva School of Yoga for the photo.
On Your Way Bra and Bark Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon sashiko pace tight
Sashiko Pace Tight

lululemon mauvelous hyperstripe vinyasa
Thanks to Ms. J. for the photo.
 New Heathered Mauvelous Hyperstripe Vinyasa has been spotted in Canadian lululemon stores.

lululemon shine dot straight to class pant

Bordeaux Sweater the Better and Shine Dot Straight to Class Pant

lululemon laser cut wunder under crop side view
Seek the Heat tank and Laser Cut Wunder Under crops.

Fuel Green Right as Rain Jacket and Toothpaste green Bangbuster.

lululemon inspirational tank free fall crop
From an Australian lululemon store, a Toothpaste Green Inspireational Tank and Free Fall Crops.

lululemon sweater the better

lululemon rocky road gusto blue close up
A nice close up of the Rocky Road Gusto Print Wunder Under Pant.


stylista diva said...

I think I need that Sweater Once a day jacket and possibly the Sweater the better. Of course purchase will be price dependent...Hopefully these will be uploaded (or in store) tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hand disappearing into crotch and weird cleavage photos...are just odd and don't sell the clothes. Although I haven't seen a photo of that new sweater that does not look sloppy.

Anonymous said...

What color is the other side of this scarf?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:35 pm - I'll ask the girl who saw it.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:35 pm- It's heathered black.

Anonymous said...

that sweater is not very flattering I will probably wear out in a few wears.


Anonymous said...

Wow, really muted vinyasas so far. I'll wait for one in flaming tomato, that would be pretty gorgeous!
Thanks Luluaddict for finding out. :D