Friday, September 19, 2014

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lululemon almost pear 105F go the distance short
Almost Pear 105F Singlet, Mauvelous Go The Distance Short, Purple Fog Energy Bra.

lululemon all sport bra energy bra seek the heat bra
Dottie Mum Go the Distance Short, Almost Pear Energy Bra, Purple Fog Seek the Heat Bra, Mauvelous Hyperstripe All Sport Bra.

lululemon plush petal purple fog boogie short
Plush Petal and Purple Fog (I think) Boogie Shorts. Also shown is the Almost Pear Power Y and Mauvelous Hyperstripe Flow Y.

lululemon rust berry speed short
Wee Stripe Pace Tight, Bumble Berry Swiftly SS, and Bordeaux Run Times Shorts.

lululemon seek the heat bra

luluemon om and roam tight
Seek the Heat Bra, Mauvelous Hyperstripe Cool Racerback, and Shine Dot Om and Roam Tight.

lululemon purple fog wunder under crops

lululemon purple fog wunder under crops

lululemon marshmallow stripe race your pace ls
Power Up Tank and Race Your Pace LS with the Purple Fog Wunder Under crops.

lululemon petal camo sashico wunder under crop

lululemon petal camo diamond dot wunder under crop

lululemon petal camo wunder under crop

lululemon sashico wunder under pant

lululemon petal camo sashico wunder under crop patchwork
Petal Camo Sashiko Wunder Under Crops

lululemon inky floral hop to it crop

lululemon inky floral hop to it crop
Inky Floral Hop to It Crops

lululemon petal camo inspire crops

lululemon petal camo inspire crops

Petal Camo Inspire Crops. Shown with the Spring Forward Jacket.


stylista diva said...

Love those purple fog WUCs, but I know I would not actually get enough wear out of the color. I also love the Inky floral Hop to it crops, but no back zipper pocket is a no-go for me.

Anonymous said...

I picked up the Race Your Pace 1/2 zip in store in hyper stripe mauvelous heathered black. This is a really pretty combination and is flattering on me (I have fair skin). The rulu is soft as expected. As for thinness, it is thinner than some of my other rulu tops and half zips from last year and a few years ago. However, I have a rulu crew neck l/s in yellow (it came in dune and navy as well, forget the name, has a generous back zip pocket and white at the shoulders) and that shirt is thinner rulu but amazing, still a favourite. The only thing I don't like about this 1/2 zip is that the interior finishing around the zipper does seem cheapened (a review on the website points this out). Even though it is on the inside, it's not the finishing standard LLL is known for. I haven't decided if I'm keeping this shirt yet or not. I'm wondering if they are going to release another, better half zip. It wouldn't surprise me. (fyi the arm seams do not itch on me. The same seams exist on last year's base runner half zip.)

Another reason I may not keep it is that I also bought the Race Your Pace LS in the purple/mauvelous/pear stripes. I wasn't able to get this when it first came out due to being so busy (and missed it on-line), so I was happy to get it in store. They had one size 6 where I normally wear size 4, but the 6 works. I will be keeping this one. It is definitely selling/sold out in my city. I called 3 stores to find out who had what.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to get the Black Flat Inky Floral Hop to It Crops but sadly missed out. I was a little late for the upload (but only between five and ten minutes!) and my size 4 was already sold out by the time I got there but all other sizes were still available at that time. I've been watching out for them for quite a while now after seeing photos of them on here two or three weeks ago so I'm pretty disappointed that the size 4 was gone so quickly! I also missed out on the Bordeaux Flat Inky Floral Rebel Runner Crops last week which sold out in size 4 almost immediately! So disappointing as both crops are super pretty in the Flat Inky Floral pattern along with the subtle tone on tone colours in both the Black and Bordeaux. I hope to see more like these in future, and just thinking these would be gorgeous in Inkwell too.

Anonymous said...

I missed the good ol' days when WMTM had 48 items! :) I grabbed the curious jungle shorts.

On a separate note, I have the inky florals in wonder unders roll down and they are opaque and super comfy. Super bummed that LLM crops are in general longer now, and look weird on my 5"1 frame. Now, it's full length or nothing, or I'll definitely get the hop crops too.

Petal camo is boring, I'll rather get the plain black CRB which is infinitely more versatile.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up that I got my Inky Floral Hop to It crops in the mail today and they are SHEER. In a very minor bend, I can read the hang tag. I'm really sad. Perhaps it was just my batch and other ones aren't as sheer?

Anonymous said...

I picked the petal print inspires in stores and tried them at home. Super sheer! I mean, I could see not only my underwear, but also my skin! Too bad because the print and the compression were great. Oh well, they're going back. I hope the Seek the Heat crops are better!

Anonymous said...

Anyone try on the Wonder Pants that are on WMTM? I'd love to have them for work but am between a 4 and 6 at 5'4 and 125 lbs so not sure what size to order.

purrfiktangil said...

@anon 6:24, not sure if this would make a difference (and you may already know it) but the inky floral hop to it crops have a back waistband pocket that is like the ones on the front waist, but wider...though not iPhone wide. I do agree though that if they had a back zip pocket they would be perfect.

Also, I had to size down in the inky floral hop to it crops, while the bordeaux/bumble berry ones fit like usual. And they are sheer in a deep squat (the black inky floral), but for my running purposes I am fine as they weren't when standing. And I ran into the same sheerness on the bordeaux drama inky floral ones (sized down in those too though it did not impact the sheerness in the deep squat either way btwn the two sizes), but again when standing/running they were fine for me. Not sure what is up with the embossed prints and the sheer when squatting would think they could just thicken the fabric up a wee bit or something. said...

The petal camo sashiko wunder unders look cool but, whats up with the weird curved hem? I can't stand it, won't buy them for that reason. I just got my Beat the Heat crops. They are pretty and not sheer on me, not very compressive, though, I wear them for weight training. Can see them sliding down in other activities.

SarahLiz said...

Can anyone that bought the Bumble Berry SS tell me what the color code is on the tag? I grabbed what I thought was one in San Jose, but the hang tang has the color as "TSHP." It looks more like Bordeaux or Plum, only thing I can think of is Twin Stripe Heathered Plum, but that came out last year?! They had a good amount of them, old stock maybe? Can't believe it hasn't been uploaded in the US yet, I want one to match the Illumina crops, haven't run in them yet, but the compression feels much better compared to the Rebel Runners.

Anonymous said...

Flat inky floral hop to it crops in TTS (same as inspires). Great length for me (5'5"). Opaque flattering fabric. Love the extra reflectivity on the thighs and the utility of the side pocket. Definite keeper.

Seek the Heat Bra in soot inky floral/black. Tried in Energy Bra Size (8 for 34DD) and fits as well as it could I think. Looks beautiful but more for my hubbies benefit. Lots of seaming (potential chafing), va va voom barely holding them in style, means for me this would/could not be a workout bra.

Anonymous said...

Got the short sleeve BB swiftly but oddly had to size up. I am always the same size so that was odd. Also tried the petal camo WUCs and they show all the bumps unfortunately. They are really cute though!!

Anonymous said...

LLL Cumberland (Toronto) has the petal camo CRB.

They also have a the Flow Y bra on sale in black with the beige horizontal stripes. There's also the FTB bra with vertical black and white stripes. On the sale rack there are some wraps in french terry - very soft! Sorry I forger the name, they were $99 and they had size 6 & 8. They also had a size 2 b&w Plush Petal Spring Forward jacket on sale for $99 or something. They had one size 8 Race Your Pace LS in the purple/pear/mauve.

Jen said...

Omg. Just realized the purple fog and Lear colors look like muted Lakers colors. This Sacramento Kings fan will be passing on that color combo! :)

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't get all the hype about petal camo. From a distance it looks like there is something "wrong" with the fabric.

And all these patchwork wunder under styles need to stop immediately. Please! They do not lengthen and define like WUs that are made from a single piece of fabric, and they have all these extra seams which introduce more opportunities for chafing and discomfort.

Anonymous said...

Also, in case anyone was debating about the fuel green In the Flows, they are sheer. I have many pair of the ITFs that are not sheer on me, so it isn't the size; this material just feels thinner. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

anyone try the seek the heat bra? wondering if that will work on a busty 34D DD gal