Friday, September 19, 2014

Layered Long Sleeve, Petal Camo Cool Racerback, and More

The new Layered Long Sleeve top. Shown with the Fuel Green Right As Rain jacket and Fuel Green Om and Roam Tights.

Ms. E. sends in a photo (thanks!) of the new Petal Camo Cool Racerback. It's 94% poly but she says it feels silky and not icky.

Fuel Green Om and Roam Tight. Shown with the Om and Roam Pullover.

Inkwell and Right as Rain Jackets. Also shown is the Dickie and the Seek the Heat crops.


stylista diva said...

Love the petal camo CRB! Can't wait for that to show up in store!

Anonymous said...

Petal Camo CRB will be a pass for me. It looks cute/nice, just not one that grabs me.

Anonymous said...

My store had the petal camo CRB. I thought it felt gross.

Anonymous said...

I like that CRB and it will work with my bumble berry pace setter which I was having trouble finding a matching top.