Monday, September 29, 2014

Laser Cut Forme Jacket, Fuel Green Ebb to Street Pants, Sweater the Better, and More

lululemon fuel green ebb to street pant forme jacket
Some nice details of the Laser Cut SE Forme Jacket. Also shown are Fuel Green Ebb to Street Pants.

lululemon fuel green ebb to street pant
 Seek the Heat Tank and Fuel Green Ebb to Street Pant.

lululemon sweater the better
 Twisted Bliss Toque and Bordeaux The Sweater the Better.

lululemon sweater life sweater laser-cut-wunder-under crop
Bordeaux Sweater the Better Sweater and Laser Cut Wunder Under Crops.

lululemon straight to class pant
Front and Centre Tank and Straight to Class Pants.

lululemon fuel green right as rain jacket
Fuel Green Right as Rain Jacket and Twisted Bliss Toque.

lululemon twisted bliss toques
The Twisted Bliss Toques - $48. I like the Black Grape one.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! WHY did they have to put a ghetto gold zipper on that Forme! Want Rocky Road but don't like how they look when stretched...

How muchie for Better Sweater?

Anonymous said...

I guess I've reached a point where I can't deal with any of these fall designs. They are tacky and expensive.