Thursday, September 25, 2014

Inky Floral Tracker II Shorts and More

lululemon inky floral tracker short

lululemon inky floral tracker short-ghost
Ghost Inky Floral Tracker II shorts, Rugged Blue Ebb and Flow Tank, and Spring Forward Jacket. I've been waiting for these shorts to show up on the US side of the website/my store.

lululemon bumble berry pace tight

lululemon purple fog wunder under crop

lululemon vita racer tank

lululemon ebb and flow racer tank
I was just thinking how much I like seeing the clothes in a typical use scenario and these popped up. Shown in these photos are a Bumble Berry Vita Racer Tank with Purple Fog Wunder Under crops and the Ghost Ebb and Flow Racerback Tank with Pace Tights.

lululemon bordeaux skinny will pant

lululemon vita racer tank bumble berry

lululemon bumble berry vita racer tank
I forgot to post these yesterday. They show the details of the Vita Racer Tank.

lululemon ear warmer hop-to-it crop
Posting this mainly because it shows the new Run With Me Ear Warmer in Bordeaux. Also shown is a Swiftly LS and Hop to It Crops.

lululemon citta leotard pant

lululemon citta leotard pant
Citta Leotard and Pant


Deezee007 said...

Tried on the Citta Pants at my local Lulu today and found myself transported back to my ballet days (full on pirouette in the dressing room).

I found them to be TTS and so unbelievably soft. I am 5'11" and was able to stretch them around my foot like leg warmers and bunched them up around the calf for a different look.

This is truly a luxury item for $108.They are on my mind, but I don't know if I can stomach paying that much for essentially lounge pants as they aren't as versatile as WUP.

Unknown said...

So excited to have been featured on your blog! I guess there's something to be said for the fun that arises when two ambassadors get together for a pn! Thank you! ����

Anonymous said...

4:02 and you look happy and healthy.