Friday, September 26, 2014

Inky Floral Flowin With My Omies Tote, Inspirational Tank, Yama Check Toothpaste Speed Shorts, and More

lululemon flowin with my omies tote
The Inky Floral Flowin' With My Omies Tote.

lululemon rebel runner vest race your pace half zip

lululemon embossed petal camo speed tight

lululemon pace tight rebel runner vest

lululemon petal camo vest

lululemon petal camo rebel runner vest back

lululemon petal camo speed tight

lululemon embossed petal camo
Is there anything better than subtly feminine run clothes? Embossed Petal Camo Speed Tights, Embossed Petal Camo Rebel Runner Vest, and Marshmallow Stripe Race Your Pace Half zip. I am reading that the Rebel Runner vest has showed up to my local lululemon store. I need to make time to try it on this weekend.

A similar outfit layed out on the ground - petal camo Rebel Runner Vest, petal camo Pace Tights, and Swiftly LS.

lululemon seek the heat crop
Shown with the Departure top

lululemon seek the heat crop

lululemon bumble berry all sport bra 105F

lululemon 105 F Singlet all sport bra
Shown with an All Sport Bra and 105F Singlet
The Soot/Black Inky Flora Seek the Heat Crops. I wonder whether this print will show up on more traditional run crop.

lululemon seek the heat crop mesh

lululemon seek the heat crop layered ls
Plain Black Seek the Heat Crop. Shown with the Inky Floral Layered LS.

lululemon rocky road wunder under pant

lululemon rocky road gusto blue

lululemon rocky road wunder under pant

lululemon rocky road wunder under pant
More Rocky Road Print Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon inspirational tank yama check speeds toothpaste
From an Australian lululemon store - Toothpaste Inspirational Tank and Speed shorts in Yama Check Toothpaste.

lululemon petal camo inspire crops

Petal Camo Rebel Runner Vest, Petal Camo Inspire Crops, and Rust Berry (I think) Swiftly LS

lululemon purple fog space dye swiftly
Rebel Runner Vest and the Heathered Space Dye Purple Fog Swiftly LS.


Anonymous said...

would love some feedback on how the rebel runner vest fits as far as sizing. I'm tall - usually an 8, sometimes a 10

Anonymous said...

I think the shirt in the last photo showing the Rebel Runner Vest is the Long Sleeve Swiftly in Space Dye Heathered Purple Fog. I just ordered that Swiftly and am hoping it is actually much more purple than gray as it seems to be quite gray looking in that photo compared to how it looked when I ordered it!

I'm really liking the Ghost Rebel Runner Vest in these photos, I'd love some feedback on fit as well.

Anonymous said...

I love the Inky Floral Flowin' With My Omies Tote, hope to see this uploaded on the Canadian site very soon!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:49 pm - thanks! I'll fix it.

Anonymous said...

The Grape Rebel Runner Crops are amazing. Could be my fav crop by Lulu (and I own a lot). I love the higher waist and overall detail. I will be testing them out on a run tomorrow!

Jen said...

Anon 4:59 - I tried on the rebel runner in Aug (NZ) and it's definitely a size up. Like most of lulu's vests lately, it's tight across the chest, but I would think it might give a bit after wear. I am usually a 6 or 8 and the 8 was a much better fit. I couldn't get the 6 zipped, and I am not well-endowed!