Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Goodies Spotted in the Store - Fuel Green Wunder Under Roll Down Crops and More

lululemon fuel green cotton wunder-under-pant
New Heathered Fuel Green Roll Down Cotton Wunder Under Crops. I might have to get these.

lululemon sattva black grape pant

lululemon sattva pant tag
Black Swan Sattva Pant IIs

lululemon fuel green bangbuster
Fuel Green/Toothpaste Bangubster Headband - I might have to get this one.

lululemon wool play the field cap

lululemon play the field cap
The Play the Field Cap looks cute but I'm not sure it's $42 cute. Thanks to Ms. K. for all these photos.


Unknown said...

Fuel Green Toothpaste BB was at Studio City yesterday. But did you see the hyper stripe mauvelous heathered black/mauvelous BB on the UK site? to die for!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the Sattva Pant, but 98$?? lulu prices are getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

$42 for a hat?! I like it but MAN that's crazy!

Anonymous said...

smmhhh I get baseball caps for free at sailing events. $42! that is extortion. the bang buster is cute and that is about it.