Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Foreign Site Heads Up

Yama Check Flaming Tomato Speed Shorts.

Merino Wool Sweat-er Once a Day Jacket

Primaloft Cardigan and Again jacket.

Very showy Flowin With My Omies Tote.

New Sheer Luon Citta Singlet. This has potential.

Seek the Heat Tank with built in bra.

Heathered Rust Berry 105F Singlet and Swiftly LS

New print called Rocky Road Gusto Blue. These are luon WUPS.

New color in the Breathe In Tank. There is a lot going on in the bust area, probably too much for me.

Bumble Berry in the high neck Swiftly Tank.

New color for In the Flow crops - Heathered Berry Yum Yum

Wunder Unders in Real Teal.

Plush Petal No Limit Tank

Petal Camo Cool Racerback


Deezee007 said...

I really hope that the rocky road print really is Luon and not Fullux. HATE Fullux!

Unknown said...

I hate fullux too!!! I also hope they are Luon.

Anonymous said...

The rocky road prints scream Athleta to me. Pass.

Anonymous said...

real teal WUs look just like the surge ones. wish they were heathered real teal instead.

Anonymous said...

Ooh those heathered berry yum yum ITFs will be mine!

Anonymous said...

I also hate fullux lol love luon!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:28 pm - I agree. These first photos are not compelling.

Anonymous said...

The heathered berry yum yum in the flows look nice. I pass on this crop though because they are consistently sheer (I'm a size 4).

Definitely do NOT want those speed shorts.

Breathe In Tank, I don't get it at all. Agreed, too busy and also looks like an bra pulled down over a tank. They have been here before and it all went to wmtm.

Seek the Heat tank with built in bra, that bra is waaay too busy.

Rocky Road Gusto Blue WU, still more of this granite counter top type stuff. Not appealing in the least.

Anonymous said...

rocky road print does look like something you'd see at Athleta.
The only thing that looks good in these photos is the CRB.