Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flat Inky Floral Seek the Heat Crops and an Update About the Return of Runder Unders

lululemon seek the heat crop
Lululemon Flat Inky Floral Soot/Black Seek the Heat Crop and Purple Fog 105F Singlet

lululemon flat inky floral soot black
Flat Inky Floral Soot/Black Seek the Heat Crop
One of the best photos I've come across of the Flat Inky Floral Soot/Black Seek the Heat Crops. Shown with the Purple Fog 105F Singlet.

lululemon seek the heat bra flat inky floral
Seek the Heat Bras and Crop
More photos of the Flat Inky Floral Seek the Heat Bra and Crops. Also shown is a Seek the Heat bra in Purple Fog.

lululemon yama check flaming tomato
The latest Pace Setter Skirts, including Petal Camo and Flaming Tomato Yama Check
From a Dallas-area lululemon store - the latest Pace Setter skirts, including Petal Camo and Yama Check Flaming Tomato/Bordeaux.

lululemon runder under pique
Vita Racer Tank with older Runder Under Tights
Update on whether the pants in this photos are new Runder Unders or not - they are not new product. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. Hopefully, lululemon picked up on the excitement about a potential return and will put them on the list of products to bring back.


Anonymous said...

I got the seek the heat crops in the floral pattern the other day. Super opaque and luxurious feeling fabric!! LOVE!!!!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore the floral pattern seek the heat crops. NOT SEE THRU AT ALL! love love love them.

Unknown said...

I have 2 pairs of the runder unders and LOOOVE them. I don't need another pair but they are definitely a must if run training in colder weather. For me, I have to run by the beach for it to be climate appropriate for me.

~Christine~ said...

What bra is she wearing under the 105f? I thought it's seek the heat bra but it doesn't have those mesh on the underarms like those in the picture. Or is it just the inky part of the bra that looks like mesh to me haha.

So sad if it is! It will look amazing if those portions on the bra are mesh as well booo!

LuluAddict said...

@christine - based on how the bra looks in the front I think it's the Inky Floral Seek the Heat Bra. I think you are seeing the print on the sides and not mesh.

Anonymous said...

does the mesh on the back of the seek the heat crop feel funny when you get sweaty? is it scratchy?
I have a pair of the runder unders as well and I love those. Would be nice if lulu brought them back.


Anonymous said...

To anon 7:46, i wore my seek the heat crops for the first time today to crossfit, not scratchy at all! We did heavy squats and 100% opaque in my tts, they stood in place the whole class, seriously perfect crops! Also,every single girl on the class asked me if they were new and complimented them! Even two random girls on the street stop me to tell me how beautiful the crops were! WIN lol