Monday, September 29, 2014

Twisted Bliss Toque, Sweat-er Once a Day Jacket, Rocky Road Wunder Under Pants, and More

lululemon sweater once a day rocky-road-wunder-under-pant
Another Sweat-er Once a Day Jacket with the Rocky Road Wunder Under Pants. It looks like the sweater is showing up only in US lululemon stores right now.

lululemon twisted bliss toque

lululemon track to reality pant
The new Twisted Bliss Toque with a Power Y and the Track to Reality Pant.

lululemon rocky road wunder under pant
I love the combo of Almost Pear and the Rocky Road print. I think she has an Almost Pear Power Y but I suppose it could be the Swiftly Crewneck tank.

lululemon rocky road wup

lululemon rebel runner vest

lululemon rocky road roll down wunder under pants

lululemon bumble berry swiftly tank

lululemon ebb to street bra

lululemon rebel runner vest
 More Rocky Road Wunder Under Pant goodness. Shown with the Rebel Runner Vest, Ebb to Street Bra, and Bumble Berry Swiftly tank.

lululemon race your pace marshmallow
Marshmallow Stripe Race Your Pace Half Zip and Go the Distance Shorts. I tried this half zip on last week and could see what people meant about the seams bugging their forearms. I thought the rulu in the marshmallow stripe was decently thick. The top was nicely long, too.

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