Saturday, September 27, 2014

Color Comparison: Almost Pear Vs. Antidote, Split Pea, and Zippy Green

lululemon almost pear antidote split pea zippy green
Taken in natural, afternoon light.
A reader asked for a comparison of Almost Pear to Antidote so I dug out my chartreuse lululemon items to take some photos. From top left, going clockwise: Zippy Green Energy Bra, Triplet Twin Stripe Cool Racerback with Almost Pear Stripes, Heathered Split Pea Cool Racerback underneath the striped CRB, and an Antidote Bangbuster on the left. 

Before I did this I could have sworn that Almost Pear was a dupe for Antidote but it looks closer to Split Pea.

lululemon almost pear zippy green antidote
Taken in natural, afternoon light.
Split Pea CRB underneath everything, Zippy Green Energy Bra at the top of the photo, Antidote Bangbuster on the right side and Almost Pear striped CRB in the center.

lululemon almost pear split pea cool racerback
Taken in fluorescent light.
 This photo was taken in the fluorescent light of my laundry room. Split Pea CRB on the left, Almost Pear in the center, and Antidote on the right.


Anonymous said...

Oooh thanks for the comparison! Really appreciate this. Looks like I'll get an Almost Pear plain CRB if it was ever released. Agree that it's way closer to split pea than antidote. :D

LuluAddict said...

You're welcome. I would like a solid Almost Pear CRB, too. I am hoping the swiftly will be nice and thick and not see-through like previous chartreuse Swiftlys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparison LLA. I love all the yellows, so cheery.