Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bumble Berry SS Swiftly, Go the Distance Shorts, and More

lululemon pleat to street skirt

lululemon miss misty pullover

Purple Fog Miss Misty Pullover and Dottie Mum Pleat to Street Skirt

lululemon go the distance short bumble berry

Bumble Berry West2East Stripe Go the Distance Shorts. Anyone try these on yet? There is only one review on the website.

Om and Roam Pullover with Rugged Blue Swiftly LS and Deep Coal Rebel Runner Crops. I got my Bordeaux Rebel Runner crops yesterday and really like the fit. The back pocket is large enough to fit my iphone 5S in the case. The waist is nice and wide and high. I could not get a good sense of how opaque they are and how they look in the back from my home mirror so I need to take them into the store to use their three way mirror. They are super comfy but on the long side for me.

Om and Roam Pullover, Shine Dot Wunder Unders, and Bumble Berry Hyper Stripe Power Y.

Bumble Berry Swiftly SS on the right. I believe this is from a US store. It looks so saturated in this photo. I saw the tank in the store the other week and it seemed rather dull to me. However, the tank is heathered and maybe this is a tonka stripe. It does look pretty saturated on the UK website. I might have to get this. I am developing a new love for SS Swiftlys.

Hop to It Crops and Swiftly crew neck tank. These look great on her.

105F Singlet and Purple Fog Wunder Under Crops.


Jiji said...

I received my Bordeaux Rebel Runner yesterday as well and it turns out to be slightly sheer on a deep bend. I could see the white rip tag and my nude panty lace. It's a bummer considering the fit and all. I do like that it's not so tight as full lux fabric and since I like the way it fits me I may keep it. I see the black solid rebel runners have sold out online, and wonder if these are not sheer.

Unknown said...

Those shorts are heinous....

Anonymous said...

I love the short sleeve BB Swiftly! It's SO pretty!

Anonymous said...

The SS Bumble Berry is definitely more saturated than the tank. I too found the tank more muted and ended up returning it. The shade of it is close to the Bumble Berry 105F singlet.

Anonymous said...

the shorts look like your basic Nike short and probably cost a lot more.