Saturday, September 27, 2014

Biggy Dot Track To Reality Pant Coming? - Update - They are Departure Pants.

lululemon track to reality pant biggy dot
From lululemon's Instagram 
This lululemon Instagram photo has stirred some chatter on the boards. At first I thought the pants might be the Diamond Dot Yogini Trouser Pants but after looking closer I think they are Biggy Dot Track to Reality Pants. Biggy Dot print Speed shorts just came out this week and the Track to Reality Pants have a seam down the front of the leg. Update - It turns out these are upcoming Departure Pants (thanks to a reader for the tip).

lululemon biggy dot speed shorts
Biggy Dot Speed Shorts

lululemon track to reality pant
Track to Reality Pant


stylistadiva said...

OOOOH! I would love those Biggy Dot track pants!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure those are the departure pants in biggy dot.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:35 pm - so, new Departure Pants are coming? The Departure Pants were only released in Plush Petal and Black so far.