Sunday, September 28, 2014

Biggy Dot Departure Pants

lululemon biddy dot departure pant

lululemon biggy dot departure pant plane

Well, that will teach me not to pay attention to everything lululemon puts on their website. The answer to the Instagram mystery pant photo was right under my nose, and has been there for nearly a week. The dot pants are indeed Departure pants.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh all these little hints!!!

Any inky floral fans (bumbleberry and inkwell) I finally took the tags off mine! And I looked around its a hard print to pair with! I think it only pairs with Bordeaux, purple fog, and black and white of course!!! I need some more inkwell (love indigo more but oh well)

I should know better to pair items before I take off the tags! Haha! Guess I have to shop more!

Anonymous said...

So when will we be seeing the Departure pants instore or online?