Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Angel Wing Rain Runner Jacket, Ghost Ebb and Flow Racerback, Plus More

lululemon purple fog rebel runner jacket
The Purple Fog Rebel Runner Jacket has hit Canadian stores.

lululemon angel wing rain runner jacket

Angel Wing Rain Runner Jacket.

lululemon ghost ebb and flow tank

lululemon ghost ebb and flow racerback

lululemon bordeaux drama skinny will pant

Heathered Ghost Ebb and Flow Racerback with Bordeaux Skinny Will Pants.

lululemon cuffed groove pant

lululemon cufffed groove pant vita racer tank

Cuffed Groove Pants. Not sure if these are a store special or something new.

lululemon marshmallow race your pace half zip

lululemon rugged blue ebb and flow racerback

lululemon petal camo inspire crops
Marshmallow Stripe Race Your Pace Half Zip, Rugged Blue Ebb and Flow Racerback, and Petal Camo Inspire crops.


Anonymous said...

Cuffed grooves.....do not want.

LuluAddict said...

Lol, who does? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tried on the petal camo inspires in my store.. SUPER see through. Huge bummer I wanted them really bad.

Anonymous said...

I thought the camo Inspires were super sheer too...like crazy sheer.

carrie said...

Hi all,
I just discovered this totally sketchy situation at my local lulu store (Sacramento) and thought I would share - I'm not sure if my store's computers are messed up or if this is a system-wide problem (or policy?!).

I have noticed several times that the math didn't seem to be working out when I exchanged things, so I started looking more closely at my receipts. Basically, what happens is when you make an exchange they do not refund the tax that you paid for whatever items you are returning. The total tax at the bottom of the receipt is the correct tax amount for all the items you are purchasing but it does not subtract out the tax you paid on the returned items. What this means (at least here in Sacramento), is that for every $100 you return you are losing about $9. Obviously this adds up. It is horrifying to think of all the money I have been cheated out of when doing exchanges.

I finally brought this up to them last time it happened and after 15 minutes with calculators they finally agreed that this was indeed happening. They made it right and were nice about it, but did not seem to think it was a big deal. They suggested that in the future I just do my return and purchase as two separate transactions--which avoids the problem (which is great for me, but what about everybody else who hasn't noticed this sketchiness yet?!)

Just wanted to let people know and I would also be curious if this is a one store glitch or a system-wide issue. If anyone has a recent exchange receipt, let me know!

♥ Cait said...

Does anyone know if you can order from the US website from Canada?
By the way, love your blog!

LuluAddict said...

@Carrie - I exchange my on line orders for store merchandise all the time and I've never had that issue so I tend to think it's local. I just checked a receipt I did for my black herringbone WUPS I got ($92) - I exchanged Rebel Runner crops ($98) - and was credited the right amount. However, I have heard of it happening to others before, though not in awhile.

carrie said...

Thanks LLA - I'm very glad it's a local issue. Until they get it fixed - make sure to avoid exchanging, Sacramento people!

Tifferoo said...

I've noticed this for about a year, the not getting sales tax credit on exchanges

Lindsey Brodsky said...

Re:the sheer Inspires...WTF?! How is this still happening with $90 pants? Don't get me wrong, I see sheerness at the gym ALL the time across a wide spectrum of brands... But a ten year old pair of Target workout crops I just came across recently (Luxtreme-type feel to them) aren't sheer AT ALL!

Unknown said...

Dayum, now I want the Rebel Runner Jacket!! I so don't need another jacket! Kind of reminds me of the Gust Buster jacket which is too warm for me but I had to have because of the gorgeous PB color.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:53 AM, that sucks that this happened to you. Glad they made it right and thanks for the heads up.

I'm in Canada and this has never happened to me; I agree it's probably a local issue. The only issue I ever had was if you buy in one province (Alberta, for example, with a lower tax rate), and exchange in Ontario (higher tax rate), they charged me the Ontario tax/difference. It happened to me once (I bought the item when I travelled to AB) and they said there was no was around that issue. That issue is probably not unusual and I understand why.

Anonymous said...

carrie, thanks so much for bringing this sales tax issue up. I checked my receipts for the Westlake Village and Brentwood stores and they too did not return my sales tax on two exchanges. This is a very shady practice that could very well lead to a large class action lawsuit.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:59 am - for sure! I wonder what the deal is and why some stores do it correctly and others aren't.

Anonymous said...

the tax problem just happened to me at Santana Row two days ago....I caught it, but I'm wondering how many other times it's happened?

Anonymous said...

that tax thing is a serious problem. In NYC they don't tax clothing unless it is over $100.00
I will definitely keep an eye out.