Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wanderlust on the Website (JK)

A clever lulu fan (thanks to Ms. J. for letting me use this) mocked up a fake website listing for Wanderlust pants. The text is hard to see without zooming in, but here it is:

why we made this

We made approximately 150 pairs of these pants for our Wanderlust festivals so that people would go batshit crazy. We have no intention of making them again, so it's best you go kick a baby or punch an avid yoga fan to get your hands on them. 

fabric + features

  • cottony-soft Luon fabirc is engineered for extra stretch when two customers are playing tug of war over them in the store.
  • Luon fabric is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch and breathable. Sure comfort because they'll have to pry them out of your dead hands.
  • second-skin fit is great for checking your alignment in the mirror and ideal butt shots (we're not hating, they look great)
  • the wide, smooth waistband is designed to eliminate muffin top
  • stow your yoga pass or gym card in our signature waistband pocket. A tight squeeze for bear spray but you might need some at Wanderlust. Ommm. 
  • imported and produced for approximately $20.

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, gym, to-and-from, scarcity, extremely inflated pricing on ebay
  • fabric(s): Luon, the tears of those who miss out
  • fit: tight

The insider jokes:
  • there was a report of a woman with an infant in a front carrier being pushed when the store first opened. 
  • people waiting in the pre-dawn hours before the store opened got to see a bear extremely close up
  • current bidding pricing for the pants is in the $400+ range

I do not understand why lululemon made so few of these. I can't tell whether its on purpose to stoke interest in the brand or because of cluelessness as to what really appeals to their customers and extremely bad estimating skills as to how many they could sell. It happens so often I almost think it's on purpose but then again, why would a company deliberately leave so much money on the table by underproducing items. These pants have become the subject of some very acrimonious posts on lulu chat boards recently. People are accusing their angels of backstabbing them since supposedly promised items are being sold on bidding site for very high prices ($450 and up - latest pair just went for $570). It's gotten very ugly. I hope lululemon takes a page out of what they do for Australian Sea Wheeze fans and releases the pants (and bra) with a regular logo for the entire lululemon world to buy. Or, makes a very similar pattern for general release.  Lululemon has been really good lately about making second production runs of highly sought after prints and items so maybe they can work it out with Wanderlust to make another production run for general release.


Melissa said...

So wait does wanderlust own the rights to the design of these pants?

Anonymous said...

lol lol too clever and too funny!

Who knows why LLL does this. I still stand by that for a company which is allegedly supposed to be thoughtful, it is not at all and is quite clueless. I get that they want to offer special clothes and items to those attending Wanderlust and Sea Wheeze (have been to SW and have a couple of exclusive items), but we all know that the general public who have other motives and when given access, will do the ebay thing. Funny, where's the "policing" now?! i.e., we've all read on here how regular person decides to sell some good used items, and has had their account flagged. These items should be exclusive to participants of SW and Wanderlust only - and even THEN you're still going to have "competition" to get the items.

From the business angle for LLL: what is up with general retail? They had a bit of recent good run there with the beachscape and wafs stuff, but now it's crap again - meesh and mesh ick items.

Their shares are profits are dropping, exactly because of the crap. If they were offering great design and quality (let's assume) a la Wanderlust WU pants and such in the general retail, for sure they'd be making more money and would have happier customers, whether longtime loyal or new.

Melissa said...

Honestly I knew how much buzz these were getting but even I was surprised people were waiting at 5AM and getting into fights to get a pair. The final bid price for one of those pants was $530. And yes they were probably made overseas for like $20. People need to take a step back and think. Cuz that's crazy. They're just pants. And there's a good chance they'll be released eventually. I'd feel completely foolish doing all that for yoga pants.

Anonymous said...

here's what I hope - I hope LLL releases the pants on the regular website for the regular $82 it normally costs for WUP and I hope they have the WanderLust logo as well - so that the complete idiots that are paying $500 for these pants realize how dumb it was to do so in the first place, and so the next time there is a supposed 'limited edition pant' people will think twice before attempting to pay off their mortgage by getting their hands on a few pairs of pants. This whole topic has me irritated beyond belief - I consider myself an avid lulu customer, probably moreso than most, and I spend a lot of money on lulu - money that I can afford. It disgusts me that people would ever think $500 for a pair of cotton pants is at all reasonable. And then those same people are posting a week later that they have a car payment that they can't make so they have to sell some lulu! Really people? **rant over**

LuluAddict said...

@Melissa - It's ambiguous. The lululemon blog post about the designer said they worked with the founder of the Wanderlust:

"We sat down with our Wanderlust product designer, Brenda Holmes, to chat about our first-ever exclusive collection designed in partnership with the co-founders of Wanderlust."

LuluAddict said...

@Melissa - they were waiting at 2 am at Whistler. :)

Jardine Jelly Bean said...


Anonymous said...

Voting for a second run with a bunch of product in the stores. Lululemon will make bunches of money and cut down on the eBay insanity. Win-win.

Anonimouse said...

It would be funny if the whole episode wasn't so sad...

Anonymous said...

F this whole thing, people really need god to save their soul nowadays! Crazy showing off, self-fish and fakeness. Maybe you look prettier with those pants, but sorry your heart is still ugly!

Anonymous said...

lol, i checked out ebay out of curiosity, I'm not that interested in the wanderlust products more the story. a towel for 250, scarf for 200+, pants for 400?? imo its insane.

on another note, truly disappointed by the sheer reports for the bordeaux wu. i don't get this company as this cannot be an issue that presents itself this late in the release process??

Anonymous said...

I was there and it was actually disgusting. We passed the store by chance and figured we'd wait 20 mins in the lineup. There were maybe 20 people in front of us? Not sure why some needed to be there at 2am. Regardless, there was grabbing and pushing, and a general mobbing of the GEs who restocked the pants. The most horrendous woman literally grabbed an armful and marched her three kids and friends to the register and bought 10 pairs (how she bypassed the 2/person limit). I don't really blame the store, they weren't expecting this kind of craziness. It's probably due to the fact that WL whistler is the last chance to buy these pants, but honestly. Over yoga pants?

For the record though, the woman with the baby was just as crazy as everyone else. And no, she wasn't pushed or shoved, if anything she pushed and shoved others.

LuluAddict said...

I can believe it. It's not the last chance, actually, but I think it's more due to the fact that the Vancouver area has a bunch of professional resellers.

Anonymous said... I the only one who finds the design entirely unappealing? Wouldn't pay $82 for these, much less $500. Meh, let these people who apparently have insane amounts of disposable income have them. I'll just sit back and laugh, imagining them with their ugly pants that will only depreciate in value. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Just looked on ebay and the pants sold for 530$

Anonymous said...

I love my LLMs as much as everyone else but sometimes people need to wake up and see the whole world of yoga pants. There are just as many nice prints made by LLM competitors for much less.

This print is like Onzie etc to me. Just because there's a LLM logo slapped on the pants doesn't mean it's fabulous and your butt's going to look magically look awesome. You'll still need to do your squats!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm… about the bear, if it's charging towards the line of people, how many would give up their places? I think None. LOL Perhaps they might shove the person standing in front of them in the line towards the bear.

Yes, agree with the peeps here, LLM should re-release some of their popular prints like the beach scape, and perhaps even an improved version, i.e. perhaps in non-denim so that it'll be cooler to work out in.

Also sad to hear that the Bordeaux Drama WUs are sheer. Again. Bleah.

Dr. House said...

When I heard this. I was truly shocked and disapointed.

Anonymous said...

The mock up is funny. Of course what actually happened at the store to customers and staff is not. As someone already mentioned, that type of behavior is an indication of a deep, inner ugliness. These types of people are everywhere, everyday. People can be so selfish and mean. All you can do is conduct your own self, with decency, respect, manners and dignity.

I would never go crazy for these pants or any pants. I never even stayed up for uploads when they were in the middle of the night Eastern time. Being fully honest, if the opportunity presented itself to buy a pair of these Wanderlust WU's in a non-crazy way, sure I would buy them. That would mean they were just there in store with no waiting in line, no pushing, or shoving (never will happen!), or a friend was selling them to me for the regular price.

Anonymous said...

Is there even a remote possibility that this insanity is some publicity stunt engineered by LLL? If not, I just lost faith in humanity. And vomited in my mouth at people's stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people think it is so bad for others that want the pants to pay big $ for them. There are other very coverted Lulu items that go for insane $, the QS WUC, Camo rise and shine etc. I think its sour grapes. People are allowed to buy the pants and sell the pants for profit, it is the way of the world unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

@9:45PM: Totally agree with you! Those people should understand that just because you are wearing the limited-edition Lululemon pants, does not mean you are better looking. In fact, you look worse with those mean and aggressive behavior. How about paying a little bit of attention to what's within you, other than just super-facial physical appearance?

Anonymous said...

Ha! If I would ever run into anyone wearing these pants, I wouldn't be jealous... I'd vomit all over them due to their utter disgustingness! And if I legitimately bought them at Wanderlust, I'd be too embarrassed to be seen in public with them. So total loss in my books.

I'll wait for the "mind-blowing" releases coming in spring 2015!

Anna said...

Too funny - I LOL'd at this.

I am completely baffled by Lululemon these days. Like you, part of me wonders if they do this on purpose - but then can't imagine why (since they would only be shorting themselves money). Unless somehow they are cashing in on the eBay sales, which I can't imagine. Really, all they are doing at this point is angering their customers and alienating people. I go back and forth - I want so badly to vow never to buy from them again. You know, the whole "let my dollars do the talking" mantra. I have had a lot more success with that lately too, since I have found other brands with quality gear that rely less on hype and provide straight service and products.

Anonymous said...

i totally get the frustration. however, judging anyone wearing this WUs (which are not that nice looking in my opinion) is just not very nice. in looking on ebay, i think a handful of these leggings sold for big $ - so the rest most have been purchased for use by the buyer? either way the idea of "vomiting" on another person b/c of what they choose to wear - no matter how they acquired it - is very sad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a good laugh! So brilliant!

I guess there are people willing to pay $$$ for these limited supply styles. I sure don't and don't really care. You wonder how much money worth $$$ could be spent in other humanitarian causes.

Anonymous said...

Those leggings aren't even that attractive in my opinion.
I agree with some of the comments above. I think lulu enjoys all the crazy press.
There are obviously a lot of suckers out there willing to pay big for some nylon pants made in Cambodia for like a dollar.