Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bumble Berry Ebb to Street Tank and More

Blue Calm Cool Racerback, Quilted Rugged Blue Vinyasa, and Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pant.

Bumble Berry Ebb to Street Tank and Happy Yin Year Pant

Exhalation Pullover and Bordeaux Drama Diamond Dot Wunder Under Pant.

H'om Run Jacket in the Inkwell/Rugged Blue Kanko Twist print.

Yogini 5 Year LS Tee with Bordeaux in the Flow crops.

Two Times a Yogi Bag photos.


Anonymous said...

What's the sizing like for the ebb to street tank? Does it have a built in bra? I'm a 4 in all tops

Anonymous said...

Stopped by my local store on the way home today to try a few of the new items before upload.

Yin Year Sweatpants - I thought they fit TTS and were VERY comfortable. However, they look like men's long underwear. They even have the little pee-flap at the crotch. It's sewn together on the inside, but was left open on the outside - WTF? If not for that questionable flaw, I would have purchased them...but I didn't because I felt like I was being tricked into paying full-price for something I'm convinced was meant to be something for the men's line! Am I missing something? Is there a reasonable explanation as to why a feature like that would be on women's pants?

Exhalation Pullover II - It's shorter and more boxy than last year's version. I have one from last year and it's much more flattering on me than the one I tried on today. I like the new colors better than last year though.

Post practice cardigan (or whatever it's called) - I don't know it's necessarily a size down item. And, like many designs lately, the arms are weird - like the seam that should be at the shoulder is a few inches down the bicep.

Anonymous said...

Someone pleeeease tell me there will be a bumble berry CRB?

LuluAddict said...

Gosh, I hope so, too. I really like it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:23 - You should be fine with the size 4 ebb to street tank. But you could also go a size up or down if you need/want more or less coverage in the chest area. It's fairly form fitting and stretchy. Very comfortable though.

It has a built in bra, but offers very little support, especially if you are above a B cup. Okay for yoga or casual wear, but not much else.

Anonymous said...

When will the upload be?? Anxiously waiting :)

LuluAddict said...

Should be in about 3 minutes if there are no technical problems.

Anonymous said...

Is the Bumble Berry more red or pink?

Anonymous said...

The Two Times a Yogi bag looks great in bordeaux drama - I don't need it!

@ 3:35 - thank for the Yin Year sweat pant review and the info on the weirdo flap. These look very comfy (although the 2 zip pockets at the back are questionable). Not a must for me but maybe if they make it to wmtm (doubtful)

Agree, bumbleberry looks great and would love it in a CRB.

Anonymous said...

bumble berry is a really nice color in person.