Monday, July 7, 2014

Wee Wheezy Check Hottie Hot Skirt and More

Wee Wheezy Check Hottie Hot Skirt, Sheer Lemon Swiftly Tank, and Opal LS Swiftly.

The Flowabunga Multi print Inspires (I think I might order these), Sheer Lemon 105F Singlet, Bleached Coral Hustle and Bustle tank, and Angel Wing Sweet Sport Stuff Your Bra.

Hustle and Bustle Tank, Stuff Your Bra Angel Wing/Sheer Lemon, Wee Wheeze Check Speed Shorts.

Sheer Lemon Swiftly Tank, Wee Wheezey Check Tracker II Shorts

Bleached Coral Energy bra, Wee Wheeze Check and Reflective Dot Speed Shorts

Black Camo Speed Shorts

Fatigue Camo Hottie Hot Short

Reflective Dot, Black Camo, and Wee Wheezy Check Speed Shorts


Anonymous said...

Loving these outfit combos. Especially the first one with the skirt!! Very summer, very seawheeze.

Harte said...

All that looks interesting is that phone case!

Anonymous said...

I will be safe for this week upload. Maybe getting bleached coral energy bra.

MB. said...

Black camo speeds are going to pretty popular, assuming they're a 4 way stretch and aren't made from a scratchier swift.

Runninin2thesun said...

Sheer Lemon looks awfully close to Mellow Lemon. Any thoughts? I don't want to get two tanks that are essentially the same color.

anneverzel said...

does anyone know if the Race Refresher dress has been online yet?
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

@ 4:07 agreed, the yellows look quite similar. I'd need to see sheer lemon in person.

The Hottie Hot skirt looks odd with the white trim on the bottom. It looks unfinished or, back in the day: your slip is showing, lol.

LuluAddict said...

@anneverszel - the Refresher Racer dress has not bee uploaded yet. I'm not sure if it will hit the online store.

LuluAddict said...

@ Harte - lol!

Anonymous said...

runnin2thesun you are correct, I saw the yellow tracker shorts and the stuff your bra with the dots and yellow straps and the 2 yellows are identical. The dotted stuff your bra the material is really slippery, but I like the dots a lot.