Friday, July 4, 2014

Sheer Lemon Tracker II Shorts and More

Sheer Lemon Tracker II Shorts with matching Angel Wing Sweet Dot/Sheer Lemon Stuff Your Bra.

White Swiftly and Cadet Pretty Palm Dart and Dash Shorts

Cadet Pretty Palm Run a Marathon Crops and Cadet Steep Stripe Forme Jacket

Heathered Gray Swiftly Scoop Neck SS and Cadet Pretty Palm Wunder Under Crops.

Fatigue Camo Inspires, Cool Racerback and Hottie Hot Shorts

Flowabunga Dart and Dash Shorts

This outfit looks so cozy, I want to put my Mudra tank and Serenity Shorts on - Serenity Pant and Mudra tank.

Serenity Short, Next to Nothing Tank, and new Mesh Bangbuster. People are saying these fit looser and are much cooler than regular bangbusters. I'm curious to check these out in a store.

Gray Tencil Varsity shorts shown with the Rolling with My Omies tank. Can these two outfits contrast any worse? 


Anonymous said...

I can't tell. Are the sheer lemon trackers 2 way stretch or 4 way stretch?

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA, slightly OT- did US online ever get the angel wing/floral bottom split singlet? Tried it on in store and starting to regret not purchasing it... thanks!

LuluAddict said...

I don't think it did get it. The Split Singlets have not sold well here.

Anonymous said...

The camo run inspires came into stores with a $92 price tag. My local store would not sell it to me for $86 (online price). The crops are cute, but $100 after tax for them?!
And such poor customer service. They lost a sale over their terrible attitude. With all the sheerness and quality issues, you think they would atleast be good to repeat customers. They refused to match the Internet price; said the Internet must have the wrong price.

Anonymous said...


We have some of the angel wing/floral bottom split singlets up here in SF. The angel wing is too yellow casted. It looked better in the photo of the girl with the blue shorts that LLA posted a a week or so ago.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:37- I just saw that tank 15 minutes ago when I drove by my store in Dallas, TX. (Knox)

Brooke said...

Any idea when the U.S. will get the angel wing sweet spot stuff your bra?

Anonymous said...

OT has anyone ever successfully gotten a price adjustment from lulu? I ordered the cadet hotty hot skirt Monday night and it went to wmtm Wednesday night. I received the skirt Thursday. I talked to the GEC today, but the skirt is now only available in a 2 and they said there's nothing they can do. Pretty shitty to not give me a $15 break considering the thousands I drop on lulu every year. Is it worth trying again with a different educator? Maybe take it in store? TIA

Unknown said...

Off topic. But I posted on a previous post that the speed shorts changed and are longer and dumpy looking and several of you agreed with me (especially my fellow Crossfit ladies)

Well I went to my local store the other day with a friend of mine BC I really wanted to try again BC I love the black camo and regular camo speeds.... No luck. Even my friend said it looked like I pooped my pants. Really unfortunate lulu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23
I have gotten a price adjustment.
I ordered a tank at full price & the day the tank was delivered, it went down from 58$ to 29$.
The first person I spoke with insisted that Lululemon never offered price adjustments. I was pushy & asked to speak to a manager.
Within an hour, a woman called me back, apologized and gave me the price adjustment.
The other day while I was at my local store, a woman just took out a receipt (as in she did not even have the item in question on her) and told the educator that she wanted a price adjustment. And they gave it to her!
I understand that if you buy something from WMTM, and if the next day the price drops even further, you can't expect an adjustment. WMTM is final sale.
However! Lululemon should automatically offer price adjustments 14 days after purchase. Tags on or off.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:37 pm - I don't think the US side got that one, yet. They haven't been selling that great so it's highly unlikely it's sold out.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:23, it does not hurt to try again. I would say be politely persisent. You shouldn't have to "fight" too hard for them to budge. They have done it and I've read on this board where customers have succeeded.

One of the things that leaves a very poor taste is a policy like this. Every other retailer offers a price adjustment within a timeframe.

LLL is out of step with not offering a timeframe for a price adjustment. About a year ago, they promised that a price adjustment window was coming. That hasn't materialised yet has it, so talk about an empty promise.

Jen said...

Anon 10:23 - try, try again. That the skirt was still in transit when the price dropped may help your case. Especially if you give them your email address and they look up your history. :) You may end up with a gift card instead of a refund for the difference, but it's better than nothing. I'd keep trying!

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:13 - were the camo inspires ones that have that special " block it " pocket? Those are $92 instead of $86. I wonder if that's why. I bought them today and paid $92.

Anonymous said...

@7:32- the $92 camo inspires were not the "block it pocket". I am referring to the exact same crops that were selling online for $86 :(