Wednesday, July 2, 2014

NEW! Tencel Varsity Short, Cadet Striped Swiftly LS, and Mire

New Varsity short in Tencel material, shown with an Opal Cool Racerback.

This photo is from an Australian store so it shows a new Take Flight Vest in Opal that is not available here. However, the Cadet Striped Scooped Neck LS Swiftly is and is on the website. I'll have to take a look for this in my local store.

Also from Australia is the Take Flight Vest in Bruised Berry and an Opal Race with Grace Half Zip. I hope North America is getting these cute run pieces.

Also from Australia is a Bleached Coral Spray Dye Downtime Jacket.

Burlap Free to Be Bra.

Flowabunga Multi Stuff Your Bra and matching Astro Pants.

The same woman in Cadet Pretty Palm Wunder Under crops and the Rolling with My Omies tank.

Opal Forme Jacket.

Bruised Berry Cool Racerback with the Sweet Dot Hottie Hot shorts and Studio Pants. Also shown is the Neon Pink Wee Space Forme jacket.

Forest Street to Studio Pants and Split Singlet.

Vita Loca Tank and Roll Down Wunder Under Crops.

More Patience Tank photos.

Twist Bra and Rolling With My Omies Pants

Opal Power Y, Omies Tank, and Yoga Over Skirt


Unknown said...

cadet striped swiflty? swoons.

LuluAddict said...

I know and it's already on the US website. I'm not sure if it's in stores yet or not.

Anonymous said...

The heathered cadet scoop LS is one of the nicest swiftlys I have bought in a long time. Soft, thick, versatile, flattering color. In general, I find most of the swiftlys that appear striped up close in the pics are of higher quality. The heathered blue tropics was also similarly nice fabric, just too bright for my conservative self.