Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NEW! Great Granite Forme, Easy Breath Bra, and More

Two new Formes are out - one in a Mojave/Black stripe and a new Great Granite print. Also shown are the new Easy Breath Bras.

A few more Easy Breath bra photos. Also shown are Breathe Easy Pants, Meesh Tee, Lab Night Tight, and the Lab Edge Tee. It looks like the Easy Breath Bra is only coming in straight 4-6-8 sizes and no cup sizes like the Lift and Separate. There is no text on the UK website, where is was uploaded already, to indicate what cup size it's geared for.

The Jeweled Magenta Scuba has made its way to North America. Shown with the Telemark Angel Wing/Mojave Tan, Burlap Print, and Great Granite Scubas.

Shown with Super Stripe Skinny Grooves
Rolling with my Omies Jacket.

Unity Pullover with the Easy Breath Bra.

Unity Pullover photos.

The Great Granite Power Y is edged in heathered black, I think.


Melissa said...

Wore my high times tech mesh crops to a yoga class yesterday. Love em. Got lots of compliments too. Definitely worth the purchase.

stylista diva said...

Hooray! My wallet is safe for another week!

Unknown said...

I broke my 'No More Scubas For At Least a Year' rule and got the burlap. It's really great -- definitely my new favorite! I really want the granite one too, so I might grab it and reinstate my rule next week

Deezee007 said...

Mohave Scuba, you will be mine!

Unknown said...

I'm very confused as to how the Lulu design team thinks that the zipper in the back of this jacket would be useful and or comfortable to the user...Very strange. Not sure but I'm pretty confident no one wants to sit back in a chair with a zipper running down the back of a jacket open or closed..IMO I got the movement jacket in 2 colors the mojave tan and the black white...so happy I did, much more flattering and useful :)

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the designers these days at Lululemon? Are they eating unicorns? Not only are we awash in hooker mesh, but when the zipper is open on the back of the Rolling with my Omies hoodie, it looks downright obscene, at least in the pictures. Not to mention, as someone else said, that is must be uncomfortable when one leans back in a chair.

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad looking jacket, but that zipper just killed the whole design. too bad. the bra is promising in the pink color.