Friday, July 11, 2014

Neon Pink WAFS Power Y, Om Tank, and More

I think this is a new headband style in the photo but not sure - can anyone confirm? Also shown is a Sheer Lemon 105F Singlet, Stuff Your Bra in Angel Wing Sweet Dot, and Camo Speeds.

Sheer Lemon No Limit Tank.

New headband in this photo, too.
 Neon Pink Wee Space Power Y.

Mojave Tank/Black Wunder Under Pants.

I haven't liked the Yogi Cut Off tank in photos until these photos showed up. Shown with Forest Street to Studio Pants.

Om Tank photos.

The Black Striped Swiftly is back. Shown with Fatigue Camo Speeds.


Anonymous said...

The headband was in my store. Called the criss cross, something like that. It looks like the dance strap headband braided loosely together. We had one in wee space magenta and black.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks! I got a photo of the magenta WAFS one now.

Anonymous said...

the yogi cutoff looks really good on the model. I may try it on.
I am having a bit of a lull moment with lulu.


Anonymous said...

interesting with the striped swiftly, our store in Boulder has a light grey and dark grey swiftly scoop short sleeve that I don't see online. we seem to get a lot of colors that never show up online

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the Movement jacket in US stores? I live near two large LA stores and we don't have it yet.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the stripe Movement jacket in US stores that matches the new stripe WUPs? I live in LA near two huge stores and we still don't have it:(

stylistadiva said...

I thought the exact same thing as you LLA about the Yogi cut-off tank. I've looked at it in store but have yet to try it on. I do like it in these photos though!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the name of the bag she has in the yogi cutoff pics?