Friday, July 25, 2014

Great Granite Power Y, Super Stripe Mojave Skinny Grooves, and More

Interesting combo of the Great Granite Cool Racerback and Fatigue Camo Forme Jacket (worn with Skinny Grooves). The Great Granite CRB was part of the order I received today and I want to post a few photos it against Fatigue, Branch, and Wren. I ran out of light today but I'll put up those photos tomorrow.

The Great Granite Power Y has hit the stores. Shown with Lab Night Tights.

Mojave Tan Studio Pant

Mojave Tan 105F tank.

Super Stripe Black Mojave Tan Skinny Groove Pant and the Open Your Heart Tank.

Short Sleeve Jeweled Magenta Swiftlys have hit US stores.

Some Meesh Skirt photos.

Tie Dye Swiftly tank. Dying to try this on.

OK Hi Tee and Lab Night Tights.

A couple of stores are customizing tanks and tees for local events this weekend - I love this.

Shown with the Lab Night Tights

The Mojave Tan Cayman Stripe Open Your Heart Tank. Have any of you tried it on yet? What do you think? Did they fix the strap issue?

Open Your Heart Tank in Great Granite with Lab Night Tights and Meesh Skirt.

Great Granite Bring Back the Track Jacket with coordinating Cayman stripe Energy bra and Up the Pace crops.


Anonymous said...

Is that how everyone wears their studio pants? They look way too tight on her almost like a wedgie sorry. Or have I been buying too large a size?

Anonymous said...

I wear my studio pants looser as well.

Those skinny grooves with the stark seam down the back of the leg look terrible in my opinion - same as those mesh tights.

This mojave tan stripe is starting to grow on me. When the deauville stripe was out earlier (flow y bra, scoop neck tank) it did nothing for me. Then I saw a pic of a girl in the noir pants with that flow y bra on and liked it. It's a great summer pattern but more for casual wear than workout wear for me. Anyway, I'm liking the open your heart tank in these pics but have not tried it on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:43
That's not how I wear my studio pants. I do stay TTS though.
I know that a lot of people size down for studio pants. I am going to assume that the person in the photo is not wearing her TTS.

Anonymous said...

I don't wear mine that tight. That doesn't look comfortable.

Anonymous said...

@11:43 pm -- I'm with you, I think that's way too tight for studio pants. It looks uncomfortable and unflattering on any body type when worn this tight.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the granite print, in person I find it kind of drab, but it does look good in pictures...and surprisingly good paired with the camo forme jacket...mind you I think that lady is in great shape and could probably make anything look good ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could un-see most of these photos. Those lab night tights make the wearers look like fools. "Oh, look at me doing yoga poses in broad daylight without pants on!"

Anonymous said...

Yike those studio pants are tight, and too tight imo.

Nice on the themed shirts. I know you get shorts for SW but still think you should get the option of a SW shirt or tank.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the tan 105 now. It looks like it's reversible and it's completely different shade inside out - 2 for the price of 1 :)

Anonymous said...

hello, any idea how i can get the san francisco tank? and which location was the tank from?

Unknown said...

I still crack up every time I see the lab tights. They're like some crazy optical illusion, and alas I am not in the optical illusion wearing market.
Also, the comments on the fit of the studio pants are bothering me. She's showing off the color, and not asking to have people tell her what size she should be wearing. She may be quite comfortable in that size, and I don't think she asking for people to tell her it's unflattering. I'm not sure why people occasionally post comments like this. Do you really think that's what this girl wants to hear? Is it necessary to tell her her that you think her pants are too small? I'm guessing most of the fans here own at least one pair of studio pants, and we know how they fit. Check out the color, as that is the intent of picture since we've all seen 500 pictures of studio pants, and leave her wedgie alone. She looks fine!

Anonymous said...

On the studio pant fit: the comments are fair, they are not nasty.

If this is a store, and if this is an educator (or even a guest), and if the photo is taken by another educator or staff (I am making assumptions that all are true): these are the very people who advise customers on how the item best fits. The image does not show a best fit so the criticism is fair. It's an expensive mistake to make if you buy the wrong size.

Anonymous said...

Love the local tanks!!!

Unknown said...

Eh, the comments seemed a little mean to me but I should've left it alone. However, I suspect the fit would've gone unnoticed if she had just pulled her shirt down a little. And sometimes I like my pants to give me a bit of a wedgie in an effort to perkify my butt (but maybe that's just me!). On another note, the more I see of the granite, the more I like it. I think it's really cool, and I think it has more of a masculine feel, which I'm really liking! I'm heading in to store today to see what sticks ---