Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cadet Steep Stripe Forme Jacket and More

Tencel Varsity Shorts and Rolling with My Omies tank.

Cadet Steep Stripe Forme Jacket

Bruised Berry Cool Racerback and Fatigue Camo Inspire crops

Take Flight Vest, Swiftly LS (Bleached Coral and Cadet Stripe), with Up Your Pace Crops and Speed Shorts.

Patience Tank with Boogie Shorts.


Anonymous said...

Got my fatigue camo inspires today. I love them (and my WUP). I will forgive the shine.

On the reviews people were talking about how tight the camo WUC is and to consider sizing up. I didn't try the WUC in camo, but I own the WUP and now the inspire. I feel they are TTS. They are all Full-Lux i.e they are meant to be thicker material and more compressive...hence they will feel tighter. It makes sense to size up if you don't need/want the level of compression it offers. I like it, so for me it's TTS.

Anonymous said...

Finally somebody agrees with me about WUP in camo luxtreme- I love them, compression is great, they stretch to grey, not white, and the shine is not too bad. The color is great and they are perfect for summer!

Anonymous said...

If anyone can angel me a pair of size 4 camo inspires I'd be extremely grateful and would return the favour :)

...or I'd trade for my WU crops/pants that are just a bit too low of a rise for my post baby squish...

Thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

I personally tried camo luxtreme inspires, crops, and pants- didn't find the rise to be different....just FYI

OT- Britts picks are up- finally camo shorts both kinds are hitting Canada....just in time for ebay resellers and regular addicts to break the website again))

Anonymous said...

I'm another person who loves the camo inspires. This fabric blend compresses so much better than the ones that are nylon (like the BB inspires which I returned). I stayed with my tts 4 and they're perfect. So glad I got them!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:06 pm - thanks for the head's up!