Friday, June 20, 2014

Skirt Comparison - Pace Setter, Pace Rival, and Hotty Hot

Curious Jungle Pace Setter Skirt

Flowabunga Hotty Hot Skirt

White Pace Rival Skirt
Comparison shorts of three skirt styles on the same woman. 


J said...

Great comparison! I run exclusively in skirts/skorts, so I buy at least 1 (usually way more) of each style from LLL and Athleta. These must be regular length, bc as far as I know the hotty hot skirt never came in Tall. And the model must be shorter than me, meaning average height (I'm 5'9"). The regular skirts fall at my crotch (not pretty) and the Talls fall at the same place on my upper thigh as this model. Funny how different the skirt lengths look on such a small difference in height! (The Hotty Hot skirt looked scandalous on me bc it was not tall).

Personally, I think LLL hit it out of the park with the Pace Rival skirt. As an owner of 14 Pacesetters, I had turned to Athleta for variety, and the Pace Rival pulled me back in. Which means I have a lot of skirts on eBay now ,-)

Anonymous said...

My 3 favorite skirts. the hotty hot is my go to and I would love to get ahold of a couple more. I am quite short. 5'-3" and I can wear them casually as well.