Friday, June 20, 2014

Shorts Comparison: Run Times, Tracker II, Hotty Hot, and Speed Shorts

Bleached Coral Run Times Short

Tracker II Short

Hotty Hot Short

Bruised Berry Spray Dye Speed Short
A nice comparison of four types of run shorts - Run Times, Tracker IIs, Hotty Hot, and Speed Shorts - on the same woman.


stylista diva said...

Interested to know if they are all the same size? I take a 6 in Speeds but a 4 in Trackers and Run times. I'm not sure what I'd be in the Hotty Hot short, but plan on trying them on when I get into a store.

Anonymous said...

These comparisons are great. Personally I think she looks best in the speeds. As short as they are I think they are the most flattering. I have trackers and speeds and while I am more comfortable with that length, I think they are not that flattering on the bum. Even here they give a diaper butt and the waistband is too wide/tall.

Also, I like the top shorts, but that waistband seems awfully wide too and there is some weird folding at the crotch that is not flattering. Almost like a CT effect.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:10 am - I am, Speeds are best for her. It's too bad they didn't also have a woman with some major quads to model, also. I like Trackers the best for me, too, and totally agree on the diaper butt effect. Though, Groovy Runs are probably my favorite.

Anonymous said...

why do they all look wrinkled? is the material different lately? haven't purchased in months

Anonymous said...

Hmm was thinking of getting the Hotty Hot shorts but they look frumpy there. I'm a speed short girl myself. According to on-line reviews, speed short wearers are loving them. I'm in no rush to buy them and will try them in store.

Anonymous said...

speed shorts are my favorite. they are so comfortable and are flattering, I have about 21 pairs of them.