Monday, June 23, 2014

Runsie Photos

Also shown is the new Flowabunga multi Stuff Your bra.
Shown with the Free to Be Wild Bra.

Shown with a Free to Be bra.

Shown with a Stuff Your Bra underneath.

Shown with the Inner Heart Bra.

Shown with an Energy Bra.

Shown with the Free to Be bra.

Shown with the Seamlessly Plunge bra.
Shown with the Alight Bra.

 Photos of the new one piece Runsie in solid black and the Flowabunga print.


Anonymous said...

I actually think the Runsie is conceptually kind of a cute idea, but I really hate that gaping back. Awful. Resembles an apron and looks like something is missing or the person wearing it forgot to zip it up. And the bigger issue for me is that it doesn't look like it would be that practical for actually, um, running.

LuluAddict said...

The back definitely looks like an apron.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn said...

i think the runsie is awesome! i have every romper/one-piece lulu has made...and seriously, everyone hates hates hates on the kind of fashion forward/on-trend stuff they put out, but has anyone tried actually running/doing yoga in any of them? because i HAVE and they're all awesome. i totally get that they're not for everyone, but seriously, everyone needs to relax! not everything they put out is going to be exactly what you love. i personally hate the tracker shorts and the groove shorts and all the longer shorts. it's not for me, i like short shorts to get my sweat on, and that is FINE. they're not alienating their core, they're trying new stuff and seeing who else they can bring in. no one is forcing you to buy the runsie, but some people want it so just focus on what you like, don't worry about what isn't for you.

Anonymous said...

I think the Runsie is ok, but I don't feel like I need it.

Anonymous said...

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. The runsie is NOT cute.

Anonymous said...

6:53PM yep I agree with you, the runsie is not for me, but there are plenty of ladies who look good in it.

Most the girls in the photos on this blog look good in the runsie.
and yes what I like about lulu is that they are constantly trying new ideas, not everyone is going to like them including myself.


Anonymous said...

The runsie looks like a dress Taylor Swift would wear. It's perhaps good for a younger gal to sport around town, but not for working out.

Anonymous said...

When looking at these pictures I literally burst out laughing. I think they are hideous:( the back looks terrible. No offense to the lovely ladies modelling I just think it's an awful look, kinda trashy even!

Alex said...

I think the runsie looks awesome on these ladies! Maybe not practical for running but a day in the park etc. Of course, whoever wears this would need to have the right body type to pull it off. I agree this wouldnt look nice on everyone. But with a fit body and toned legs this is a hot look. No need to look typical all the time.