Friday, June 20, 2014

More of the Latest - Serenity Pant, Short, and Refresher Racer Dress

Serenity Pant. Worn with the Mudra tank in the second photo.

Cadet Serenity Short and 105F singlet.

Heathered White and Cadet Mudra tanks.

Black Scoop Neck tank and Flowabunga Wunder Under Pant (from Australia)

Lots more Refresher Racer Dress photos.


Trigirl said...

Hi LLA, Have you heard anything on the Cycle Kits this year?

I thought they were suppose to be out in May, early June? TIA

Anonymous said...

The dress is not flattering all bunched up at the waist as seen in so many of the pictures. The material should be smooth (and not too stretched out either).

Anonymous said...

I think the dress looks really good on these ladies. I can't wait to try it on.


Anonymous said...

The 'Serenity' tank you posted is actually the Mudra tank