Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Curious Jungle Cool Racerback and More

Curious Jungle Cool Racerback (not in North America).

Movement hoodie, All Day Asana Tote, and Forest Street to Studio Pants

Bleached Coral No Limit Tank and matching Boogie Shorts.

Chai Time Pullover.

Mudra Tank, Energy Bra, Earl Gray Studio Crops, Festival Bag

Cruious Jungle Alight Bra and Embrace Crop, 105 F Singlet in Bruised Berry

Ebb to Street Pant, Bruised Berry 105F Singlet and Wee Stripe Energy bra

Flowabunga Bangbuster headband

Heathered Bruised Berry Swiftly SS and Pretty Palm Wunder Under Pant


Anonymous said...

ok, that last photo makes me want both of those items - it's kind of sic-fi-mod-pop.

k said...

GAAHHH! time for the weekly upload on the WMTM of items they barely/DON'T have! Weak me, it gets me everytime! Oh thats flare forme jacket, on sale! maybe theyll have just that one left in my size? I know it was actually unavailable when i checked it last week but maybe just maybe.....?

Click, PSYCH!!!! not only is that color not available, theres nothing left in the other colors either! HA! Thanks for playing!

Ive heard that meek excuse of "these are return items, we get just one or two in to sell." Really? you get those few amounts of the same items (teasing the white base runner) returned every week and take the time to create a page for it on the WMTM? Not buying it. Anyone have other explanations?

Anonymous said...

The Chai Time PO looks really cheap and thin in these photos. Definitely not worth the marked-up price tag. Really over the influx of floral designs this year. All is looking the same to me lately. Meh.

A said...

I was right there with you K, must've been looking at the same time. I keep thinking its a site glitch while they are doing the upload but then there really isn't anything different.

I saw "75" items this morning around the same time but nothing was actually available. Then of course, it dropped down to 40-something and then whatever it is now.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you 6:59 in regards to that chai time pullover. it will probably snag on the first wear.

The last photo is really nice good combo.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Chai time have a lower price point since you have to have another LLL piece under it? I dont like the look of a bra (as opposed to a tank) under such a sheer top, either, unless you're at the beach. Funny that women are almost encouraged to dress this way but when breastfeeding they are told to cover up.

Anonymous said...

Chai time looks way cheap and snag city.
Nothing even remotely exciting...

Anonymous said...

I love the shape and look of the All Day Asana tote but the material is too thin and cheap-feeling. The bottom panel thing (to anchor it?) makes it worse. I might pay $45 for this bag...certainly not $78.

If they had the Movement Hoodie in a prettier colour and a slightly lower price, I'd definitely buy. $108 seems like a lot for lightweight and staple-type colours. I live in northern Canada and the Scuba would be more valuable for me at the same price point.

Anonymous said...

Touched the mudra tank today and fell in love. I sized down because it's a thick and very stretchy material (unbelievably luxurious and feels very high quality) and I liked it better fitted than with some baggy-ness in the wait. I went with heathered white bc I love the color with black and most of my pants are black, but will prob go back and get at least one more color since it's an amaze piece!!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:56 pm - I tried the Mudra on today and really liked it, too. I ended up getting the white one. I think it's better a size down, too. I would love if they made a long sleeve top, a nice normal henley shaped top, no weird tent thing with a vent in the back, in the same material.

Anonymous said...

Nothing appealing to me. Which is a good thing. I don't want to acquire anymore LLL at the moment and I certainly don't need any more.

I'm happy to say I got out of the habit of checking wmtm. Probably in large part to knowing that there will be nothing of interest since I haven't wanted very much at full price (aside from certain CRBs; still have that problem).

Anonymous said...

I tried and brought home two Mudra tanks. Love them but the straps kept slipping off my shoulders. Sized down two sizes to correct this but now super tight thru the body. I kinda think the material will stretch out a little. What do you guys think? Super tight with ok shoulders or put up with the slippage and opt for a little more room thru the hips. Does french terry relax with wear?