Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beautiful Forest Gym Bag, Split Singlet, and More

Some stock lululemon website photos that tease us with a gorgeous Forest gym bag. I haven't been a big Forest fan so far but it's a stunner in a bag. I can't get a good look at the bag but I feel the shape might be familiar.

The new Split Singlet in Bleached Coral and matching Up Your Pace crops.

The heathered Forest Power Y is really speaking to me. So far it's only in Australia/New Zealand. Shown with black camo Wunder Under Pants.

The Still Shorty Shorts seem to be a hit. I think these are a gray but not Soot and the name is escaping me now. Shown with the Movement Hoodie and Seamlessly Plunge bra.

You'll have to click on this to make it bigger but it a Cadet Hotty hot Skirt and OpalStuff Your Bra Tank.
Cadet Stuff Your Bra Tank and Cadet Run a Marathon Crops

The Bleached Coral Stuff Your Bra Tank and Flowabunga Hotty Hot Skirt.

Curious Jungle Free to Be bra

Flowabunga Multi Stuff Your Bra and Up Your Pace Crops

I didn't realize how sheer the back panel on the Stuff Your Bra tank was.

The latest quilted Speed shorts and a Cadet Stuff Your Bra tank.

Opal Stuff Your Bra Tank and Up Your Pace Crops

Chai Pullover, Arise Bra, and Print Wunder Under Crops.


Anonymous said...

Got the heathered forest power Y & the black camo Wu's today, the green is gorgeous, photos don't do it justice!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give advice on sizing for the Be Present Pullover. I love the idea of wearing it with a high waisted pencil skirt and the early grey is such a beautiful color.

I'm 5'4", 32B and 120lbs. I'm pretty petite overall but somewhat long waisted so I'm trying to figure out if I should order a 4 or a 6. I want to wear this to work so I don't want it sliding off my shoulders. Thanks for any advice!

Anonymous said...

just heard that new speeds are up on Hong Kong site in the cute color matching the plaid hat that just came out

Anonymous said...

my local lulu here in san Antonio said the stride will be out in may/june, but it isn't so any ideas?

Anonymous said...

LLA I just checked out sketch and it says the stride will come out in july, and there are 4 colors right now. thanks for your blog, love it/
btw I love the full on luxtreme wonder unders and I am really surprised the camo crops didn't sell out. any ideas why it has a luke warm welcome?

Unknown said...

Visited my store today & bought some older things: 1.) Mudra Tank--everyone is right about how nice of a tank this is. I'll wear it everywhere though not for running. What bras do people pair it with? OK to wear energy or other racerback bras with it? 2. 10F Singlet--I never liked it because it was so big but took someone's advice to size down 1 size from CRB size. Loved it in the size down! Will be great for summer running. 3. Pace Rival Skirt in size tall. I originally tried this on in the cadet fabric that's scratchy and stiff and didn't like it. I got it in black, which has a silky fabric. This is the cutest skirt ever & can be worn for casual wear not just running.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:37
I'm 5'3, 120, 34A with broad shoulders and I tried on both the size 6 and 4 in the store before purchasing from WMTM. I ended up buying the 4 because the size 6 would slide off my shoulders. Plus I like my tops more on the fitted side. I bought a black high waisted pencil skirt from H&M and it is perfect for the sweater.
I normally buy size 6 in Lulu tops except for the 105 singlet and the water bound singlet where I went down to size 4. I can get away with a size 4 in the swiftly tanks, but they tend to ride up.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer@Running, I have worn the Mudra tank with a Ta Ta Tamer and a regular (non-sport) bra. I wore the Mudra with the V in the back.

I agree with everyone about the Mudra tank! I love it so much I bought 3 colors. I am only wearing it as casual wear and not for working out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 4:37 AM,

I got 2 Be present Pull Overs on WMTM (white and gray) - they are so gorgeous, and flattering! I am 5'2", 135 (muscular..) and 34DD, and got my usual size 6. If I wanted it to fall off the shoulder I'd get an 8. The 6 is still pretty roomy, but sits well on the shoulders - just the look I was hoping for. I am guessing you'd be a size 4? HTH.

LuluNZAngel said...

LLA there is a better front on shot of that green bag on the LLLAus/NZ FB page - I suspect it may not be a LLL bag though, its seriously understated for their style if it is! I know the jacket in the same shot was the Ambassador's own so might be the case with the bag?

stylistadiva said...

Are the Still Shorty shorts in stores now? They are no longer available on the (Canadian) website, but I haven't seen them in store yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 11:09!! I ended up stopping by a store today and luckily they had the sweater so I got to try on both sizes. I ended up not getting it because I wasn't thrilled with the fit of either. The 6 was too big and the 4 was too short! Thanks so much for your advice though.

Anonymous said...

The review on lulu's website says the hang tag on the up the pace crops says full on luxtreme. Is this true? Also does anyone have any fit reviews for these crops?

Anonymous said...

Just got the up the pace crops - I think they must be full on luxtreme (at least the back panel) - they are super opaque and feel nice and snug - I loved them, so they came home with me. Size wise they are bigger than the run a marathon crops - I ordered those online in a 6, and they were super sheer and pulled and we WAY too tight. Yet the up the pace crops in a 6 were perfection. I'm a solid 6 in inspires and the full on luxtreme WUCs. Hope that helps?